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So what about weight training while fasted? Won’t you fall-over during your first set of squats due to lack of anything resembling a calorie?

Just to prove it can be done, the video below is me training at 6am this morning. I didn’t eat before this session, nor did I eat after it.

Sounds hard-core on the muscles right?

This is where your intake of  BCAA’s (that I mentioned earlier) is KEY to preserving your muscle-mass.

[HILARITY WARNING: Cass snapped me training fasted during a set of rope curls which finished off my back/biceps session. Yes, I make a face.]

6am: 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA.
6-7am: Training.
8am: 10g BCAA.
10am: 10g BCAA.
12-1am: The “real” post-workout meal (largest meal of the day). Start of the 8 hour feeding-window.

I won’t have eaten until around midday…

One caveat however, I often use some form of caffeine supplement before i train (no sugar mind you). Currently I’m using a powerful product called USPlabs Jack3d. It’s been especially great for focus and endurance. Check it out if you feel you need a sprightly kick-in-the-arse for morning training. I wouldn’t use it at night however (especially if you’re overly sensitive to caffeine).

Unless of course you plan on dancing the night away with a pair of glow sticks until 3 am. You’ve been owned warned!

Editor’s Note: How’s your own training going? Fasting yourself into a lean-machine? Comment below.

Clint Nielsen

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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  • Jimmy says:

    Fasted training has been great so far no complains and not hard at all!!

  • Wood says:

    So You say that a real fasted trainig is bad for the muscles? For me fasting is full abudence of food, but you take 30 gramm protein (BCAA) – I know this is the recommendation of the leangains protokol, but if someone doesn”t vant to spend on supplement?

    • Joob says:

      To be honest, in my opinion money spent on a BCAA supplement is money very well spent. I think BCAA’s are a supplement that ought to be implemented regardless of whether or not you are fasting and they are really one of the more affordable supplements on the market.

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      Not saying it’s bad at all, but you need to be using BCAA’s so that your body doesn’t use your muscle as fuel post-workout.

  • Marcus says:

    Hey. I been training fasted for a few months now and I feel my workouts are more efficient than when I had eaten prior to working out. Prior to working out, I just take oneMega Men multivitamin pill that has BCAA in them. Nonetheless, while BCAA helps as far as providing some energy, I do not think one will lose muscle if they just workout fasted without taking a BCAA prior or after working out. The reason I say this is because, men back in the old days, when supplements were nonexistent, would workout and build muscle(and lose fat). Plus, I worked out the other week without taking a multivitamin and felt fine. So my question is do you think without using the BCAA supplements, a person will lose muscle?

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      I think it’d definitely put you in a high-risk category.
      I wouldn’t try it myself. If you feel like testing it over a month, feel free to do so and report back :)
      All signs point to muscle-loss if the body has been hammered by weight-training and then forced to hunt for ‘repairing’ nutrients. They need to come from somewhere!

      • Marcus says:

        I agree Clint. That is why I take a multivitamin prior to orking out and eat a big meal afterwards. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to find out though because I believe as long as you get their nutrients after the workout, then their wont be muscle loss.

  • Clint,

    Pretty impressive that you can make it from 6am to noon without eating. I usually have no problem fasting when I sleep in, but when I wake up early, I’m usually starving by mid-morning if I haven’t eaten. As for working out in a fasted state, I do it all the time and as long as I’m well-rested, I don’t have any problems.


    • Clint Nielsen says:

      It’s all a ‘programmed’ response that your body has adapted to over years and years of feeding it at this time.
      Once you start fasting each day for maybe 2 weeks, it becomes easier and easier until you just don’t feel hungry in the AM anymore.

  • I hopped on the BCAA bandwagon as well over the past few months. It’s hard for me to quantify any impact, but I certainly feel stronger during my fasted workouts.

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      I guess if you’re training fasted, and you’re sparing your strength and muscle, they are doing the job :)

  • Louis says:

    I only drink a cup of black coffee 15 to 30 min before my fasted workouts. So far so good. If that starts to change I know what I will do now so thanks for the info!

  • Scott Hayward says:

    Thank you for this post it was very well written


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