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Visual Impact muscle building review - Strategic muscle gains for a visually stunning body

Rusty Moore also runs a high-traffic fitness blog site called

Thought I’d write a bit of a review on the program I’m currently on called Visual Impact muscle building – Strategic muscle gains for a visually stunning body by Rusty Moore. It isn’t a free one, but it’s VERY reasonably priced and the results have been pretty darn solid.

Straight up, it won’t turn you into a gigantic steroid-bound meat-head or gal.

Which is probably what makes Visual Impact Muscle Building so appealing for most of us. Agreed, it is geared towards guys but Rusty has just finished working on the female version. Check that bad-boy out here> Rusty has his own report on the program which you can view here

My Visual Impact Muscle Building review

Like ANY program out there, it will work for you if you stick to the program like glue and don’t stray. This might make it difficult for some people, but if you want results, you really need to stay focused. If it’s the middle of winter, and you have 6 months to get ready for beach sexiness, then this program might be for you. The other thing which you need to consider is, this program is tough. The reps, exercises and rest breaks are no easy task to complete. It’s a balls-out approach which will get you results but it won’t be a walk in the park.

The last few days of my Europe holiday back in June. Looking a tad soft around the mid section

What’s contained in the Visual Impact program

It’s 75 pages long and very easy to follow. It also outlines tips for creating your own future programs. #1 Rusty talks about the two main types of muscle growth, sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar and how using cumulative fatigue will build muscle quickly. #2 The proper amount of sets and reps to use when trying to build muscle, build muscle mass and strength, and building muscle density. #3 The only nutritional supplement worth taking (in his opinion) and why most supplements are a complete waste of money. #4 The proper way to eat for muscle gains and for losing fat. #5 10 pages of questions and answers that Rusty got from the initial draft of this ebook. He took the most common questions that people had and answered them so that you will be able to fully understand this program and how you should do it. Interested in Visual Impact Muscle Building? Click here for Visual Impact

Visual Impact exercise demos

225 pages that illustrates almost every exercise that you have heard of. It demonstrates with pictures how to properly do each exercise and has each exercise broken down in to separate body parts. The exercises are hyperlinked in the book which makes them extremely easy to navigate to. This book took over ten years to compile and is definitely the best source for exercises out there and comes as part of the Visual Impact System.

Printable workout charts

These are easily printed out so you can take them with you to the gym and follow along and keep a record of what weight and reps that you have done. The key to progress is knowing what you did in the past and trying to beat it on each workout. These will help you immensely if you use them properly.


There is a very cool technique that Rusty teaches you about “Shrink Wrapping” your muscles that you will do at the end of Phase III. I’ts the kinda thing those Hollywood types do right up until they go on set to make the re-touching in post that little bit easier ;)

Cost of Visual Impact

The program is $47USD. It’s good value for money considering it’s contents and the work Rusty has put into the ebook.

UPDATE: I’m currently in Phase II of Visual Impact Muscle Building

Im currently in Phase II of the program (almost onto the third one). My trip to Europe ended it for me last time, so I’m going to finish what I started! Ill post again on this topic once it’s all said and done and give you the results.

UPDATE: I’m now nearing the end of Phase III of Visual Impact Muscle Building

Im currently in Phase III of the program and will end it late next week before I head to Port Douglas for some R&R. The strength gains I have experienced in this phase have been phenomenal. The fat loss has also been quite obvious, with my abdominals showing themselves once again ;) I’ll be reporting back with a video post, aswell as my results as I head into the ‘BONUS’ phase.

Visual Impact muscle building review - Strategic muscle gains for a visually stunning body

After 6 months of Visual Impact – 24th December

UPDATE: Visual Impact Muscle Building complete! (24th December, 2010)

I’m feeling trim, strong and brown (thank you beach weather). More on my final run of Visual Impact can be found here. For the next two months I’ll be cycling though the program again (Phase 2 for a little while) before completing another ‘cut’ prior to heading to USA.

Final Note

The second time round I coupled this course with Eat Stop Eat for even BETTER results. Checkout my review of Eat Stop Eat here >

Interested in Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Click here to be taken to the official site