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Before I continue with the TrueGRIP review…

As you know, I write a lot of ‘gimmick’ busting articles on this site. Folks hit me up all the time to ‘review’ their product with the hope that I’ll be particularly ‘favourable’ to them if they throw me some dollars.

Why does that matter?

Every one of my product reviews is impartial – by that I mean, I call it as I see it.

I’m very ‘up-front’ about what you’re going to get once your product ‘lands’ on the Reveal The Steel website. I don’t beat-around-the-bush. If I don’t like something, you’re going to know about it.

Even more importantly…

I personally test everything I write about. I don’t just hunt the web for a similar review and copy it! (I can’t form an opinion on something that I haven’t used).

That leads me onto the TGRIP 2.0…

Firstly, what is a TGRIP?

‘TGRIP’ stands for ‘TrueGRIP’ and they start from thickness level 2.0 and get thicker in both 2.5 and 3.0 sizes (for the truly hardcore lifter and pro bodybuilder).

Often, with these types of products, there’s a whole bunch of marketing guff to wade through (which can often mask the real value of any piece of gym equipment). Thankfully, the simplicity of the product doesn’t lend itself to long-winded product descriptions.

Straight from the Iron Bull Strength website:

“The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to add muscle to your upper body is definitely through thick grip training. By eliminating your body’s weak link, you will finally unlock your true muscular potential. Adding a pair of TGrip 2.0 to your exercises will truly shock your body into new growth starting on your very first set! Not only will you develop impressive grip strength and big forearms from the thicker grip, but you will also build all the surrounding muscles through increased neural activity. Increased fingers, hand, wrist and forearms strength is only the beginning.”

Who are TrueGRIPs for?

Pretty much anyone (including both men and women) who are interested in increasing size and strength — but I’d recommend them to the moderate-advanced lifting crowd. Those that have ample experience, and have the ability to utilise their ‘mind-muscle connection’.

My reasoning for this is simple

Why add in unnecessary complexity to the mix when you’ve barely mastered the bar itself yet? Newcomers will more than likely try to lift too heavy and therefore ‘cheat’ negating the entire purpose of the thick grips in the first place.

Secondly, you’ll appreciate the ‘new found strength’ as a result of thick grip training further down the track when you’ve seemingly hit a plateau.


Here’s me battling with the TrueGRIP 2.0’s

How much are they?

$35 USD (+ shipping)

First Impressions

Note: I used the fat grips on a ‘back and bicep’ day. This meant that Barbell Bicep Curls were the key exercise I was going to be testing these bad boys on…

As with most gym equipment, I’m pretty much the world’s biggest skeptic. At first glance one could think to themselves: “What could an increased circumference on my ‘grip’ possibly offer in terms of ‘real world’ results?”

Noticeable activation of my forearms was the first thing I noticed off the bat — The thick bar was a lot more difficult to hold and I had to shave off a good 20% of my normal lifting weight in order to be able to lift it with decent form.


It took me several sets to get the form down-pat, but when I did, I REALLY had to struggle to get near the 8 rep mark (even on the reduced load). I tried spacing the grips at different intervals on the barbell to activate different parts of the bicep and to give them a decent run-in. This worked well and my arms felt exhausted a lot sooner than what I was used to.

Do the TrueGRIPS work?

At the time of writing, I’ve used them on several workouts. My forearms have taken a serious pounding and the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is quite substantial (not that that indicates growth/strength increases mind you).

Only time will tell if they make a significant difference long-term but I do plan to keep them as a part of my training regimen from now on.

Who would benefit from the TGRIPS?

  • Anyone who’s been stuck in a plateau for a while and can’t seem to get stubborn body parts to grow
  • Mid-level to advanced lifters
  • Both men and women

Now for the down-side…

The thicker bar means you’ll have to drop the weight significantly if you want to be able to use decent form across all of your lifts. This isn’t really a ‘down-side’ per say — unless a bruised ego is something you particularly care about.

Other than that seemingly small negative, there really aren’t any others. For $35 bucks you could do a hell-of-a-lot worse for your money (especially in the fitness industry as we all know too well).

In Summary

In the end, you just can’t beat this simple piece of equipment for adding increased muscle activation across a broad range of your lifts.

Two thumbs up from me…

Interested in the TrueGRIPS?

Vist the official site

RATING8.5/10 Click here
Clint Nielsen

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