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Who’s Citadel Nutrition and what is Tier 1?

As you guys know, I hate gimmicks and BS supplements. It’s why I jumped at the chance when the opportunity came about to test out Citadel Nutrition’s pre-workout supplement ‘Tier 1’.

Through the work of Alan Aragon as well as a recent interview conducted by Ian McCarthy, I was introduced to these guys and reached out to them to see if they could offer something purely to the Reveal The Steel readers.
Don’t worry, I’m not affiliated with them in any way, nor am I receiving commission on product sales. 

This is purely an exercise in awareness and getting you all to spread the word about a company that stands behind it’s products and offers a unique point of view rarely seen in the industry. Citadel Nutrition don’t use flashy advertising, marketing nonsense nor ‘propriety blends’ that leave you scratching your head thinking “what the hell is in this product?”.

5 tubs of Tier 1 and 5 copies of Reveal The Steel are up for grabs

If you’re one of the lucky 5 entrants, you’ll not only receive a tub of the pre-workout supplement Tier 1 shipped straight to your doorstep (internationally if need be), but I’ll personally send you a copy of my latest book Reveal The Steel for you to test it out on!

How to Enter

Anyways, before I get onto what’s in the product, this is all you have to do to enter…

Click the big, shiny blue Facebook button below…

It will send you to Facebook and asked you to ‘authorise’ the promotion.
Just click ‘Go To App’ and you’ll be entered!
*Note: Your name and email will be gathered by this process but will never be used for nasty, spam purposes. You have my word on that.
Entries close on the 10th of August, 2012 with the ‘Winners’ announced on the 15th August, 2012. The product will be shipped soon afterwards.

Tier 1 ingredientsWhat’s in Citadel Nutrition ‘Tier 1’

  • Creatine – Increases strength and power performance
  • Beta Alanine – Increases muscular endurance
  • L-Tyrosine – Works together with caffeine to increase energy
  • Caffeine – Energy stimulant
  • B-Vitamins – Performance decreases if deficient. Not needed if eating a healthy diet. Less than 1% of the mix.

Tier 1 Quality

  1. Every batch of Tier 1 is tested for strength, purity, and accuracy. COAs and third-party laboratory tests are provided for every product.
  2. Raw ingredients are obtained from the best possible sources. They cost more, but using patented ingredients helps ensure purity and quality control.
    1. Creapure Ultrapure Creatine
    2. Ajipure Amino Acids
    3. Carnosyn Beta Alanine
  3. There are 8.3g of active ingredients for every 9.3g of serving size. No Filler.
  4. Tier 1 is produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. (Click here to learn more about what GMPs are).

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UPDATE: The competition is now closed! The winners will be announced on the 15th August