The world’s biggest biceps, synthol and aesthetics

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You’re probably well aware of Moustafa Ismail from Egypt with his freakishly large 31 inch biceps. After all,  it would seem that the public has a desire for the obscene, the obscure and the morbidly ridiculous.

The other day, I watched with bemusement as my local news station did an interview with Moustafa in what can only be regarded as true media ‘beat-up’. It’s as if the guy who invented this ‘freaky’ look (Mr Gregg Valentino) had never existed. I’m pretty sure the whole synthol resurgence was in fact instigated by Gregg, and not by this current ‘trend-setter’ of Egyptian origin.

Mostafa Ismail

Apparently, the Guiness Book of Records is currently investigating his claims…

Wow – I’m f*cking shocked! Imbalaced body parts raising a few eye-brows? No way!

Moustafa has claimed that he doesn’t use steroids or any other banned substances and has achieved his 31 inch cannons by guzzling down a protein-packed daily diet of 3lbs of chicken, 1lb of steak or fish and three litres of protein shakes.

“People always say, you remind me of Popeye the sailor man, this makes me laugh the truth is I don’t have any spinach in my diet I can’t stand the stuff. I’ll stick to my chicken I think.”

I call bullsh*t

Has nobody noticed the small size of his forearms in comparison to his biceps and triceps? Does this not look slightly anatomically incorrect? Surely, if your biceps are that large, then a significant portion of any weight-training induced load will be transferred to your forearms, thus initiating ‘growth’ of the said area.

Adding purely isolated muscle to the arms, and the arms ‘only’ can mean one of two things…

1) Moustafa injects synthol directly into his arms
2) Moustafa is a genetic freak and was possibly born on another planet.

I’m gonna go with the first option. We’ve seen this ‘look’ before and it’s always the same. Synthol, synthol, synthol and repeat.

What about Aesthetics?

Moustafa has said, and I quote:

I just do it to look better… and to like… it’s a good feeling…

I’m not sure anyone would agree with you on that one matey. There’s possibly 1% of the world’s population that might find this ‘freaky-arm’ look mildy appealing. Most women I know would run for the hills quicker than Charlie Sheen with a bag of coke.

I of course, could be wrong.

Over to you…

What are your thoughts on Moustafa?
A ‘Sexy’ world record breaker or simply a drug cheat?

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