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Before I continue on with my rant, let me first point out that I am an advocate for inspiring posts that ‘move’ people (even in the simplest of ways), to get off their fat-asses and start training.

However, some of the images and quotes that I’m privy to on a daily basis are some times endearing, often inspiring, but unfortunately MOST often induce excessive eye-rolling.

It’s not so much that the information isn’t ‘interesting’ (it usually always is) — more that it’s often downright misleading. I’m referring to the below ‘table’ which was posted to Facebook today entitled ‘Health Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables’. At first glance, it appears harmless enough, but it’s when you actually delve into it’s data (amongst the spelling errors and poor grammar) and discover that so much of it is unproven, false or just hearsay. Light ‘fluff’ if you will.

Health Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables

I’m by no means a nutritional master or specialist, but I do shy away from recommending or promoting ‘cancer preventing’ foods not matter HOW much I want you to believe in popular culture or tabloid news articles.

Sure a popular news resource might have written an article titled “Carrots Help Prevent Cancer”, but that doesn’t mean the  content of the article actually PROVES to you why or how this conclusion was surmised. It will generally end with a paragraph that contradicts the very title it’s associated with.

Clint, you’re reading too heavily into this stuff!

Like I said—I’m all for inspiration and helping others get fit and lean. My ‘Jimmies’ are only rustled when ‘might be true but probably aren’t’ kinds of data (that are so easily shared via social networks) are presented to me.

For a laugh, here is my own table (click to enlarge)


Yes it’s a parody— but as you can see by it’s contents, it’s data is JUST as ‘believable’ as the claims made on the previous table (albeit just a trifle more blunt in execution).

The reason for this rant is this…

I implore all of you (and I’m even guilty of this myself) to actually ‘read’ what health and fitness related information you’re sharing around the web before passing it on. Once you hit the ‘share’ button within facebook (without giving any prior context), your friends and followers will just assume that you ‘believe’ what you’re posting and you support every ounce of data contained within. Let us all share less ‘fluff’ and more ‘inspiration’.

Enjoy your week :)

Over to you…

Do these images bug you? Do you share them by accident? Any stories you wish to share? Comment below.

Clint Nielsen

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Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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  • Mousumi Gharami says:

    This content is truly packed with some amazing information. We all know the importance of including lots of fruits and vegetables in our diet. It helps us remain healthy and protects us from severe health issues. In fact, I myself add lots of veggies in my diet whenever I can. If I am having home-made pizzas I add extra veggies to it. I eat lots of
    fruits too. Whenever I feel hungry in the evening, instead of snacks I try to
    have fruit salads.

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