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The 50 Best FREE Health & Fitness Courses on the Web.

Here’s the Best 50 FREE Health & Fitness Course on the Web in order, as you have voted.
Let’s start from the bottom, and work our way to #1!

A note on individual category medals

BronzeSilverGoldYou can ‘hover’ your mouse over individual ‘medals’ that appear next to each name to see which category they received the award for (that’s if they have received one of course).

#50 – Mike Westerdal – “The Muscle Shifting Doctrine”

Mike WesterdalMike’s ebook outlines the 7 Creeds to help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.
It talks about a fail-safe way to gain muscle while losing fat without having to bulk up and cut down nor without spending hours in the gym.
How to increase your muscle growth by reducing your workout time, and why a calorie isn’t a calorie and the REAL truth about Fasting.

Link to the course > The Muscle Shifting Doctrine
Other related courses > Critical Bench

#49 – Rick Ravensdale – “Kettlebell Fast Start Guide”

Rick RavensdaleIf you’re convinced that kettlebell training is the quickest and easiest way to improve your fitness and you’d like to learn the insider secrets and training techniques of kettlebell masters, then this might be for you.
Rick’s put together the 42 all-time best kettlebell exercises in one place. These exercises have survived ridicule, countless testing and adaptation from the world’s fittest, strongest and most professional kettlebell masters.
He’s gone all out to give you everything you’ll need to take your kettlebell training to the elite level.

Link to the course > Kettlebell Fast Start Guide
Other related courses > The 42 Best Kettlebell Exercises Of All Time

#48 – Doberman Dan – “The Ultimate Anabolic Shake”

Doberman DanDan reckons you can gain up to 23 lbs in 90 days with his secret formula.
Also includes 25 pages of delicious anabolic protein shake recipes to help you pack on some serious muscle.

Link to the course > The Ultimate Anabolic Shake
Other related courses > Hypergrowth muscle mass training

#47 – Jason Ferruggia – “Mass Building Sins”

Jason FerruggiaThis FREE report details the Top 20 mistakes that will kill your gains in the gym and how to avoid them.
By downloading the report and signing up, you receive weekly updates with all kinds of cool tips, tricks and updates.

Link to the course > Mass Building Sins
Other related courses > Muscle Gaining Secrets

#46 – Mo Mendez – “Maximum Muscle Mass”

Mo MendezThe all-natural pro-bodybuilder, Mo Mendez, shares with you his tips on how he achieved so much mass that some competitions wouldn’t let him on stage even though he’d past a drug test.

Link to the course > Maximum Muscle Mass (FREE Chapter)
Other related courses > Maximum Muscle Mass

#45 – Brian Cannone – “Getting Six-Pack Abs Fast”

Brian Cannone of Fitness Atlantic has worked with thousands of physque competitors over the years from natural bodybuilders, fitness women, figure women, bikini and fitness models.
Inside Brian’s Report you will learn the dangers of abdominal fat, the best abdominal exercises, foods to avoid, the worst abdominal exercises, how to get shredded and much more.

Link to the course > Getting six-pack abs fast
Other related courses > Stage Ready Nutrition and Training

#44 – Skip LaCour – “The Top 10 Secrets of the Best Drug-Free Bodybuilders”

Skip LaCourSkip LaCour shares his winning mental strategies with you each week via email in this free weekly newsletter.
This eBook will teach you what the real achievers in bodybuilding know and the mindset you need to get the most the most out of your own efforts.

Link to the course > The Top 10 Secrets of the Best Drug-Free Bodybuilders
Other related courses > Skip LaCour’s Bodybuilding Nutrition

#43 – Karen Sessions – “Female Bodybuilding Insider Lessons”

Karen SessionsThis popular female bodybuilder offers a FREE ebook filled with insider lessons (usually worth $27USD).
Learn the Most PRIZED Female Bodybuilding Secrets For INSTANT And POWERFUL Muscle Gains In The Shortest Amount Of Time Possible.

Link to the course > Female Bodybuilding Insider Lessons
Other related courses > Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets

#42 – Artus Shakur – “Artus Shakur’s Tips”

Artus ShakurArtus is the successful author of ‘Abdomination Workout” and has a huge following. He offers free tips via his Facebook site.

Link to the course > Artus Shakur Tips
Other related courses > Abdomination Workout

#41 – Jennifer Nicole Lee – “Build a Bikini Model Body Report”

Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer’s offering is very straight forward – Simply enter your name and address and you’ll be sent a FREE copy of Jennifer’s free Build A Bikini Model Body report. You will also receive a FREE subscription to her weekly Bikini Model Program email newsletter containing free tips to maximize your metabolism, gain muscle and achieve success with your workouts.

Link to the course > Build a Bikini Model Body Report
Other related courses > The Bikini Model Diet Program

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