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The 44 Healthiest Companies to Work for in America

By October 27, 2015No Comments

It’s common sense that happy people make for more productive and innovative employees. Yet 42 percent of workers have left a job due to a stressful environment, and another 35 percent have considered changing jobs due to stress, according to a 2014 survey of 6,700 people. It's high time companies start giving back to their employees—and we’re not referring to a plate of cookies or stale croissants every other year.

These 44 businesses go above and beyond, proving that a workplace that considers its employees' health, happiness, and work/life balance vital to its own success isn’t so far-fetched. From gourmet cafeterias to rooftop beer gardens and unlimited vacation to two-story slides, these companies know what it means to pull together—and have fun—as a team.

Check out the full list below (while you’re at it, peruse last year’s list too). You might find yourself tempted to update that resume.

Note: The companies are split up by size but not listed in any ranking order.

Huge Companies (20,000+ Employees)

Kaiser Permanente
Photo: Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente

Headquarters: Oakland, CA

The health care company keeps its 177,445 employees happy and healthy through programs like Go KP, which provides healthy recipes and allows users to track personal wellness goals and join group fitness challenges. There are also free or subsidized on-site fitness centers at many locations. Plus, the company has revamped its cafeterias to meet Partnership for a Healthier America guidelines, offering healthy checkout options, working to eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages in cafeterias and vending machines, and putting 18 percent of the company’s annual food expense toward locally and/or sustainably produced items. To top it off, the company offers more than 50 in-house farmer's markets across its facilities and includes a bike-to-work reimbursement program and commuter-spending program to encourage environmentally friendly commuting.

General Electric
Photo: General Electric

General Electric

Headquarters: Fairfield, CT

GE aims to create a positive workplace by empowering its employees. The company recently began offering unlimited vacation to about 43 percent of its salaried U.S. workforce of 131,000, becoming one of the largest companies to do so. Its employees also benefit from health policies that include free preventative screenings, a 24/7 health hotline, and the Expert Medical Opinion program, which enables them to receive an online second opinion from a Cleveland Clinic Specialist at no cost. Plus, to help encourage smokers to quit, employees who do not use tobacco pay less in health care contributions than those who do light up.

Whole Foods Market Employees Crochet Kids
Photo: Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Foods Market

Headquarters: Austin, TX

The health food mecca does more than supply its 91,000 employees with kale and gourmet cheese through 20- to 30-percent employee discounts. Workers can participate in personal wellness or Health Savings Accounts and receive up to $1,800 per year to help cover the cost of health insurance deductions and out-of-pocket expenses. It also offers free, seven-day Total Health Immersion programs that include lectures and sessions from nutritionists (though employees have to use paid time off to attend). Team members—heavy emphasis on the “team”—can also donate personal paid vacation time to another member to help in times of sickness or personal hardship, and they get to vote on the company’s benefit package each year. The company also gives back 5 percent of its after-tax profits to help the communities in which its employees live and work.

Photo: EMC


Headquarters: Hopkinton, MA

EMC's expertise may be in cloud computing and managing data, but it’s also killing it when it comes to caring for its 70,000 employees. The company offers fully paid maternity leave for eight to 10 weeks in addition to paid parental leave for four weeks, and has on-site, subsidized childcare at its Hopkinton office. Every employee has access to HealthLink, EMC’s online personal health manager that does everything from keeping track of health costs and records to providing a medication and hospital adviser. In addition, the insurance package includes expanded autism coverage. Finally, the company's Healthy Rewards Program allows employees to pay lower medical contributions if they do things like get a flu shot or sign up for a gym and then fill out a questionnaire about their health.

Microsoft Cafeteria


Headquarters: Redmond, WA

It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to the ways the tech giant cares for its employees. It has a Microsoft commuter shuttle and bus with WiFi that transports people in the Seattle area to and from work. It also offers flexible work hours; paid membership to full-service gyms; a full health package that includes dental, vision, and physician house calls(!); and free on-campus health screenings and flu shots. Then there’s eight weeks paid maternity leave, complemented by 12 weeks paid parental leave, and a volunteer and gift-matching program that will match up to $15,000 per year and will donate $25 per hour to any organization you volunteer for. Environmentally sustainable on-campus cafes and kitchens make up the only “3 star green” corporate dining operation in the world. Oh, and did we mention they have an on-campus spa, sports fields, bank, dry-cleaning service, salon, retail shops, and 11 restaurants? Yep, you don’t actually have to leave work to live life.

Mayo Clinic Employees
Photo: Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Headquarters: Rochester, MN

If working to make people healthier doesn’t inspire you, the Mayo Clinic’s beautiful architecture and extensive art collections probably will. The company is focused on helping its 59,500 employees feel happy and motivated, offering an online wellness portal as well as inpatient treatment coverage for mental health and chemical-dependency issues. The company also supports adoption, offering up to $10,000 reimbursement for related expenses. Add to that the 28 to 35 days of paid time off you receive as an employee, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel outstanding.

Google Headquarters
Photo: Google


Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Google’s got you covered—and we’re not just referring to answering your every query. It provides on-site physicians and nurses for its 57,148 employees, as well as free legal advice and discounted legal services. In addition to a gourmet cafeteria, physical fitness programs, and on-site gyms, the company supplies a free shuttle service to employees in the Bay Area, and offers new parents paid time off and extra spending money to celebrate their little one. Headed out on vacay? No worries, Google provides travel insurance and emergency assistance (even for personal trips). Employees can also donate vacation days to coworkers who may need the extra days to take care of family emergencies.

General Mills Employees
Photo: General Mills

General Mills

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Everyone knows Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but you may not know that the cereal giant cares about its employees. Free on-site flu shots, ergonomic training, and physical exams ensure all 42,000 of its employees stay in tip-top shape, and wellness resources, including an on-site health clinic at its headquarters and gyms and sports teams at various offices, add to the health-focused culture of the company. General Mills understands the same work situation doesn’t work for everyone and offers a variety of flex work options. Bonus: The company also places a big focus on philanthropy, contributing to causes tied to education, the arts, hunger and nutrition, wellness, and natural disasters through its foundation.

Cleveland Clinic Employees VeloSano Cycling Team
Photo: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Clinic takes health care seriously, especially when it comes to employee benefits. Auto, home, legal, and vet insurance offerings are all made available to employees, in addition to company-paid Social Security and Medicare, and 100 percent coverage of maternity care after a one-time copay of $50 through one of its plans. The 39,000 employees can take advantage of free memberships at Weight Watchers, Curves, and other fitness centers if they’re looking to boost their athleticism or shed a few pounds. Then there's the CONCERN program, which offers free short-term counseling to employees, helping to guarantee their mental and emotional health.

Big Companies (5,000-19,999 Employees)

Genentech Employees With Kids
Photo: Genentech


Headquarters: South San Francisco, CA

The biotech company’s approximately 13,000 employees can’t help but put their health first: A large central staircase, an on-site fitness center, and CO2 sensors to regulate air quality and reduce tiredness in conference rooms are just some of the things that make this possible. A subsidized cafeteria with fresh sushi and a salad bar as well as on-site farmer's markets and fresh food stands are others. Its Well-being @Work Tool Kit provides online courses, access to TED talks, and internal resources to help employees manage the demands of a global workplace. And with childcare centers and flexible working hours for parents, it works to eliminate the competing stress of family and work. Even then, everyone still needs a break from time to time, which is why the company provides a six-week paid sabbatical every six years to every full-time, regular employee.

Kimpton Hotel Employees Doing Yoga
Photo: Paul Gelsobello

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

The company that’s made hospitality its business extends the warm welcome not only to its guests but also to employees. Fun is just as important as business, with game tables in conference rooms, dance-offs, costume parties, and pancake breakfasts. Annual wellness fairs offer things like free biometric screenings and flu shots, lunch-and-learns with nutrition and fitness experts, and company-wide workouts before morning meetings that often come with smoothie shots, DIY trail mix bars, and fresh veggies and fruit. From an Employee Assistance Program that helps workers deal with personal problems and offers assessments, short-term counseling, and referral services, to funeral planning services, will preparation, ability assistance, and beneficiary assistance, the company is committed to seeing its 7,748 employees through the difficult times as well as the good.

SAS Employees Doing a Workout
Photo: SAS


Headquarters: Cary, NC

While the software company has grown over the last 20 years, its encouraging and innovative corporate culture has remained strong. The free on-site primary care offered to all 5,479 employees and their families for the last 31 years still provides a full-service lab, physical therapy, psychology services, nutrition assistance, and a full pharmacy, among other offerings. Continuing its commitment to overall health, SAS also provides stress-reduction workshops and classes, unlimited sick leave, three weeks of paid vacation, free healthy-living seminars, and a recreational and fitness center with access to yoga and massage studios. And talk about a company that recognizes its employees deserve time to rest, relax, and recharge: All offices close from Christmas through New Year's, so family time doesn’t have to take a backseat to work.

Medium Companies (500-4,999 Employees)

Twitter Headquarters Roof Top
Photo: Fortune


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

If you’re wondering what that incredible smell is, it’s probably the Bon Appétit Management Co. whipping up some delicious grub from scratch for the folks at Twitter HQ. If your stomach hasn’t already got you updating your resume, how about the fact the company doesn’t keep track of PTO or vacation days for any of its 4,100 employees worldwide? It figures each person knows best what they need to recharge and stay energized in the workplace. (We won’t argue with that.) The king of 140 characters also provides an on-site gym at its headquarters with CrossFit classes, as well as five months paid maternity leave (yes, you read that right) and 10 weeks paid paternity leave. In addition, the company hosts two global days of service per year so its employees can give back to the community.

WhiteWave Foods Employees
Photo: WhiteWave Foods Corporation

The WhiteWave Foods Corporation

Headquarters: Denver, CO

Halloween parties, free zoo passes, cocktail hours, lunch-and-learns, and company races are just a few ways WhiteWave celebrates the hard work of its 3,026 employees. Gourmet offerings at the food company's Wave Café include sandwich meats roasted in-house and wild-caught salmon (most of the food is sourced as locally as possible). On the active side of things, on-site fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and Pilates provide a much-needed break and an easy way for employees to stay in shape. An honor-system sick policy means employees can take the time off they need to recover, and a vacation donation policy allows them to lend a hand to coworkers in times of need. In the spirit of philanthropy, the company also does its part to help relieve hunger through its partnership with Community Food Share.

Red Ventures Employees
Photo: Red Ventures

Red Ventures

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Want to blow off some steam? This marketing company’s 2,700 employees don’t have to go far—just a few steps to the in-house basketball court, bowling alley, fitness center, and yoga studio. For those looking for a less strenuous break, there’s also a putting green, video game station, and arcade. TGIF is a real thing here, with frequent happy hours at the on-site rooftop beer garden that serves local brews on tap. Then there's the annual company trip to the Caribbean or Mexico and the RV friends and family night, when the entire campus turns into a carnival for employees and their guests to enjoy. The company also offers untracked vacation time: It trusts employees will do what they need to keep the company—and themselves—at the top of their game.

Zappos Employee Talent Show
Photo: Fortune


Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV

Zappos made it possible to find the perfect pair of shoes, in the right size and color, at the right price. It also made it possible for 1,503 employees to have free primary care and generic prescriptions, 24-hour access to telemedicine, orthodontic coverage, and wellness coaches. An on-site fitness center and weight management program encourages employees to stay in shape, and the online retail company also offers employee-housing benefits. In case you had a rough night, don’t worry: There are nap rooms at company HQ, because everyone knows siesta hour is a real thing.

Hasbro Global Day of Joy
Photo: Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc.

Headquarters: Pawtucket, RI

Toy boxes in each cafeteria and company-wide events like movie screenings, Recess Day, and Bring Your Child to Work Day prove that play time isn't just for kids. To encourage healthy living, the toy company gives a $100 payroll credit to each person who participates in the yearly on-site flu vaccinations and offers weekly subscriptions to a veggie box program through Farm Fresh Rhode Island. A flexible-hours policy with sick days as needed and a one-week shutdown at the end of each year helps its 1,500 employees get the family time they need. Philanthropic efforts focus on children, and each employee is encouraged to give back, receiving up to four paid days each month to volunteer with an organization that benefits kids.

MINDBODY Employees Playing Ping-Pong


Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, CA

Wellness is big at MINDBODY, a software company with a mission to leverage technology to improve the health and wellness of the world—including its employees. A “live health online” resource provides 24/7 access to a doctor via phone or computer to all 1,232 employees. Free on-site fitness classes are available at HQ, and the Evolve Wellness Challenge provides a free 12-week, professionally led nutrition and fitness program to eligible employees chosen through a lottery system. Free meditation classes keep employees centered and stress-free, while monthly recess events get everyone outside for a game of Frisbee golf or a relay race. Each employee also receives $65 in wellness funds every month to spend at approved wellness and beauty locations. Think things like haircuts, massages, and cooking classes—every month and on the company. Um, yes please!

Otter Products Employees on Cruiser Bikes
Photo: Otter Products

Otter Products

Headquarters: Fort Collins, CO

While working to keep your smartphones safe and protected, the phone and tablet case producer is also creating an extraordinary work culture. In addition to a comprehensive benefits package that includes chiropractic services, massage therapy, acupuncture, fertility treatment, orthodontics for children and adults, and some autism treatments, any of the 985 employees can participate in a fully covered LifePlan session after one year at the company. This involves a one-on-one, two-day intensive process with a certified facilitator to help employees discover their calling, strengths, and life mission. A fully stocked self-service smoothie bar at HQ always hits the spot, and the OtterLife program helps connect employees with similar interests (from beer to hiking). Plus, the HQ itself is pretty darn awesome, with a huge slide in the lobby that goes from the second to the first floor, pinball machines, massage chairs, and foosball and ping-pong tables throughout.

Rodale Employees at Spin Class
Photo: Rodale Inc.

Rodale Inc.

Headquarters: Emmaus, PA

It only makes sense that the publisher of Men’s Health and Women’s Health promotes a healthy workplace for its 800 employees through initiatives, free online nutrition tracking tools, and annual on-site screenings. But Rodale goes above and beyond, offering an organic, farm-to-table eatery at its HQ with food prepared from scratch every day and an on-site gym with free daily fitness classes. If the outdoors is more your style, you can take a jog on the mile-long trail around HQ or work with the Rodale Garden Club to grow your own fresh produce. And when you need quiet time to recharge, the meditation rooms in each office are ready and waiting.

ZocDoc Employees Playing Operation
Photo: ZocDoc


Headquarters: New York, NY

ZocDoc’s got you covered—literally—offering 100 percent health care coverage to its more than 600 employees. Standing desks and stability balls keep blood flowing and posture on point while you work. But just in case, the free healthy snacks and catered lunches will ensure you get up from your desk to stretch your legs. Free in-office yoga classes each week and an open vacation policy remind employees that their personal health and life is important to the company; overachievers are honored at the yearly Ollie Awards ceremony, when seven peer-nominated employees are rewarded for their hard work and commitment. But even if you don’t make the lucky seven, you’ll still enjoy the dancing, musical acts, and skits written and performed by your coworkers.

Kind Snacks Employees in a Meeting
Photo: KIND


Headquarters: New York, NY

At KIND, employees aren’t just employees—they’re team members. And the company wants its team members to know they are vital to the process of making great snacks happen. In addition to a company kitchen fully stocked with KIND products (naturally), occasional on-site massages help relieve stress and keep the team in a healthy frame of mind. So do the frequent local physician visits to the office for convenient check-ups and a fun committee responsible for heading the various KIND Klubs that keep sports, art, and entertainment alive in the building. And just so employees can keep their family and friends snacking healthy at home, all 600-plus of them receive a shipment of 72 KIND bars every month.


Centro Farmer's Market
Photo: Chicago Business


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Digital is the present and future of advertising, and Centro makes sure its approximately 600 employees see that message clearly. Really: It offers free vision insurance. It also provides a free on-site nutritionist, fresh fruit deliveries daily, and an on-site farmer's market to make it convenient for employees to stay healthy and informed. Workers can also take advantage of free on-site yoga, three weeks paid vacation from the start, and 10 “Ferris Bueller days off” for sickness or playing hooky. Every year the company hosts Wellnesspalooza, inviting employees to participate in exercise classes, take health screenings, and learn about all aspects of wellness, including financial wellness. Learning doesn’t stop there: A tuition reimbursement program helps finance up to two classes per year.

Small Companies (100-499 Employees)

Cava Grill Employee Brewery Tour
Photo: Cava Grill

Cava Grill

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Every employee loves some free hummus, but Cava gives more than that to its 442 employees (although the kitchen is always stocked with dips). All new parents, both salaried and hourly, receive paid time off and paid sick leave. HQ employees frequently receive free Cava meals as they visit D.C. locations, since there is always something new (and healthy!) to try. Flexible work schedules and team-building activities like farm visits and brewery tours keep the fun flowing, and the month-long $1,000 wellness fitness and weight-loss challenge every year rewards employees and teams with the highest numbers with cash.

SolidFire Employees
Photo: SolidFire


Headquarters: Boulder, CO

This software company provides 100 percent employer-paid coverage to all 423 employees and their families. Employees can also receive $150 per month for trading in their parking pass in favor of alternative transportation. Plus, all Boulder employees get a free RTD Eco-Pass for bus and light rail rides. Unlimited PTO from the start, weekly on-site massage services, and an on-site game room guarantee you’ll play as hard as you work. Before you get too excited, know you may have to dodge a few bullets during the regular in-office Nerf gun fights, and it's anybody's guess what happens during the annual all-out April Fool’s Day pranks.

Schuster Co. Color Run
Photo: Schuster Co.

Schuster Co.

Headquarters: Le Mars, IA

At Schuster Co., family reigns supreme. And we’re not just talking about work “family.” The trucking company puts on regular parties for its 415 employees and their families. From Christmas get-togethers to an in-house trick-or-treat for kids and grandkids to bowling nights and picnics, quality time isn’t too hard to come by. Every year the company also hosts a week of giving back, offering catered meals and prizes to its drivers. Wellness is just as important: Its Driving Wellness Program offers free health coaching, biometric screenings, and on-site YMCA classes to all employees, with regular guest lectures on nutrition and physical activity.

Sparks Employee BBQ
Photo: Sparks


Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

The global brand experience agency isn’t just about creating experiences for its clients; it's about the home office too. In addition to the nuts and bolts, like 100 percent preventative care coverage, subsidized lunches, flexible hours, and work-from-home privileges for parents, the company offers its 406 employees a farm-to-table lunch every few months and hosts on-site yoga classes once per week. And because it specializes in events, employees get to experience them too. Summer BBQs, chili cook-offs, and holiday parties are just a sampling of the festivities that keep this place lively. Plus, through the Bring Your Dog to Work program, employee pets may have the opportunity to spend a day at the office. Because dogs make everything better.

 inVentiv Health Public Relations Group Salad Lunch
Photo: inVentiv Health Public Relations Group

inVentiv Health Public Relations Group

Headquarters: New York, NY

This PR company knows how to keep its 251 employees satisfied, with free daily lunch, chair massages, and yoga classes. And don’t forget the company-wide Thanksgiving potluck that reminds you coworkers are family too. Unlimited personal and sick days and three weeks paid vacation to start provide the downtime you need to keep living life, and the company’s VitaminC3 health program offers nutritional assistance, like cooking classes as well as physical fitness activities at the office, to keep you active between screen-staring stints. Our favorite perk? Your pet’s invited to join you at work, so you can stop paying that dog walker and finally have something that makes you take a break.

Juice Generation Employees With Kids
Photo: Juice Generation

Juice Generation

Headquarters: New York, NY

As you would expect, juice is a big deal at this company. It’s also an excuse for its 250-plus employees to give in to the cleanse craze for free. Store employees receive unlimited complimentary juices and smoothies as well as one free meal during every shift, and the corporate office gets cold-pressed juices delivered twice weekly. Plus, all employees get 50 percent off in-store purchases. Once per month, the juice gets spiced up with a little tequila during the company’s Margarita Fridays. Fun and booze aside, dental and vision insurance are free, while Juice Generation covers 80 percent of the cost of single-coverage medical insurance. And once you've worked 90 days, all employees get a free, all-access gym membership.

ClassPass Employees
Photo: ClassPass, Inc.

ClassPass, Inc.

Headquarters: New York, NY

Yoga, barre, Pilates, cycling—those are just a few of the classes you can take every month with the free ClassPass membership the fitness company offers its 175 employees. Plan on a free, healthy lunch every Wednesday and breakfast every Friday, in addition to a fully stocked kitchen with snacks like Greek yogurt, chia pudding, almond butter, fruit, and nuts. New mothers get up to 12 paid weeks off, while fathers receive up to four, and preventive care visits and exams are 100 percent covered through health insurance. The company also has an uncapped paid time off policy, meaning you can take off all the time you need, assuming you get your work done. A special social committee organizes monthly wellness workshops and events like meditation sessions and nutrition classes.

Limeade Employee Workout
Photo: Kathryn Nolasco


Headquarters: Bellevue, WA

Work while you walk? At this office you can. Or cycle, if you prefer, with one of the bike or treadmill desks available to employees. A full gym and fitness challenges offered through the LimeMates healthy-living program makes staying fit easy as pie, and quarterly massages keep all 160 employees happy and relaxed. Mini trampolines, scooters, and flash fitness workouts for a minute or less make this office seem more like a fun zone than a workplace, and you can keep track of all those steps or jumps with the free Fitbit given to every employee. Staying in shape on the job was never so fun.


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

In-house daily yoga, nap rooms, a free gym membership, and flexible time off are just a few of the ways this software company thanks its 150 employees. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner made available in-house and prepared using produce from local, sustainable, and organic farms is another. Asana covers 100 percent of insurance premiums for employees and 50% for family members. And speaking of family, when it comes to growing yours, the company’s all for it, offering 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Tough Mudder Employees Working Out
Photo: Tough Mudder, Inc.

Tough Mudder, Inc.

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

This company may be adept at creating grueling obstacle courses, but working there is an easy choice: Naturally, you’ll get a good workout, with breakfast clubs that include morning workout sessions held twice a week in the HQ office, intramural sports teams, company runs, and free entrance to any Tough Mudder event. All 147 employees also receive a monthly wellness stipend to spend on their own personal wellness. Free snacks and a monthly catered breakfast helps you refuel after sweat sessions, and unlimited vacation and weekly happy hours keep the fun going.

Camelbak Employee Scavenger Hunt
Photo: CamelBak Products, LLC

CamelBak Products, LLC

Headquarters: Petaluma, CA

The company that plays together stays together. Or so it seems at CamelBak, where outdoor and indoor adventures are just a normal part of company culture. Through its Bak to Health program, the company offers healthy snack stations with items like yogurt, nuts, fruits, and veggies; an on-site masseuse at discounted rates; various fitness events; flexible hours; and a four- to six-week paid sabbatical after seven years. Bak to Health also encourages associates to form teams and track progress in exercise, hydration, and nutrition, with programs like biweekly Pilates classes and a part-time personal trainer. If you’re an outdoors guru, you’ll love the discounts you get at other outdoor/adventure companies. And when it comes to fun, you’ll find plenty with the host of company get-togethers, featuring anything from a scavenger hunt to rock climbing to catered lunches with adult beverages.

NutraClick Employees Playing Air Hockey
Photo: NutraClick


Headquarters: Boston, MA

The technology-driven health-and-wellness products company is equally driven by its commitment to the health of its 138 employees. Fridges are stocked twice per week with fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, and other items. The company has been designated a Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association and offers subsidized gym memberships and a six-week fitness challenge that allows employees to compete for prizes while giving them access to personal-training services. In addition to frequent off-site events like trampoline dodgeball, mini-golf, and bowling, the company has summer Fridays and provides unlimited vacation, flexible schedules, and the ability to work from home when needed. The only rule? Be the best employee you can.

Nativas Naturals Gym
Photo: Navitas Naturals

Navitas Naturals

Headquarters: Marin County, CA

The superfoods company is awesome about encouraging its 102 employees to work out: For every fitness class they attend, they receive an extra half hour of paid time off. Monthly company lunches, a kitchen stocked with (you guessed it) Navitas products, and a monthly allowance for its full line of products aren’t half-bad either. In case you’re worried about having fun, the company tackles that too via hiking adventures and kayaking excursions.

Tradeshift Employees
Photo: Tradeshift


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Tradeshift brings buyers, suppliers, and their processes together in one global network, but it also helps connect its 74 U.S. employees through in-office game and movie nights and company outings. Looking for a quick break? Take a swing in one of the lounge hammocks or hit up the video game room. This proactive company also provides fully covered medical, dental, vision, and life benefits; six months paid maternity leave and two months paid paternity leave; and unlimited vacation and sick days.

Tiny Companies (<100 Employees)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Employees
Photo: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Headquarters: New York, NY

An on-site chiropractor once per month and biweekly massages keep employees healthy and ready to help customers be healthy too. The nutrition education company also provides breakfast and lunch. Feel a cold coming on? Just stop by the tea and vitamin stations located on each floor. Health insurance covers acupuncture for those who like alternative treatments, and employees receive a quarterly gym membership reimbursement. A closed office between Christmas and New Year's and free access to the Health Coach Training Program (a one-year online holistic health education program) are just some of the other benefits the company’s 90 employees enjoy. And when it comes to charity, the organization doesn’t shirk its duty. Last year alone, it donated $615,000.

TogoRun Employees Doing Yoga
Photo: TogoRun


Headquarters: New York, NY

Health is front and center at this health care PR firm. Every one of its 62 employees receives a Fitbit to help keep healthy, an easy task with an on-site gym, free gym classes, monthly “Lunch and Burns,” and TogoFit fitness challenges. The OmniCare Wellness program addresses health questions and concerns, with a 24-hour nurse line plus 24/7 access to a physician via phone or video chat. The office also observes summer Fridays, giving employees three long weekends over three months.

Hydro Flask Work Party
Photo: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

Headquarters: Bend, OR

This water bottle company may be tiny, but it's certainly mighty. Its 51 employees make good use of weekly Friday lunches, flexible start times, frequent late-morning starts to allow for ski time on the mountain, and a company-paid ski day each season. Hydro Flask is also seriously devoted to volunteer and philanthropy efforts, allowing customers to allocate a portion of every purchase to the charity of their choice and matching employee donations to nonprofits up to $1,000. It also knows that health care is more than pills, so it covers massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments. Free local craft beer and kombucha is offered at the end of each day. We’ll cheers to that!

ProAthlete Inc Employee Sauna
Photo: Pro Athlete, Inc.

Pro Athlete, Inc.

Headquarters: Kansas City, MO

Unlimited flex PTO, an on-site gym with a full-time personal trainer, access to yoga classes, and grocery store tours with a registered dietician are just a few of the perks this company’s 50 employees find on the job. Free laundry services, haircuts, massages, and cab and Uber rides are others—provided to make each employee’s home away from home as stress-free as possible. And when it comes to stress, you’d be hard-pressed to find it at the office, which has racquetball and basketball courts, a swimming pool, a bar and lounge, a game room, and a coffee shop.

Aloha Headquarters
Photo: ALOHA


Headquarters: New York, NY

You might feel like you’re on vacation while taking full advantage of weekly yoga and meditation classes in the ALOHA office. The kitchen is always fully stocked with organic snacks, ALOHA’s healthy products are available to all 47 employees, and lunch is catered every Friday. Weekly events are a must at company HQ, and even your furry friend is invited to the office to chill while you work and work out. Employees can also access counselors online if they need mental health support, and they get a $50 gym reimbursement.

Honest Tea Employee Community Day
Photo: Honest Tea

Honest Tea

Headquarters: Bethesda, MD

In addition to sipping delicious tea, all 40 employees are invited to stock up their pantries and fridges with quarterly Whole Foods gift certificates. Weekly organic fresh fruit delivery makes reaching for an apple or banana a natural habit. While you’re munching, take in one of the wellness seminars, ranging in topics from stress management to sleep habits. Boot camp is offered two times per week in-office after work, and a flexible schedule and commitment to company-wide volunteer days keeps employees feeling uplifted.

Greatist Employees
Photo: Jessica Cain


Headquarters: New York, NY

Sure, we’re great at sharing workout tips and 60 ways to spice up chicken breast, but we know how to keep the workplace tops too (if we do say so ourselves). No set hours or vacation days gives our 22 employees the freedom to live life on their own terms. A free gym membership means there's no excuse for not breaking a sweat, and twice-weekly Fresh Direct deliveries make whipping up healthy breakfasts and lunches in the kitchen easy peasy. Then there are all the fun activities—from cooking challenges in our “Test Kitchen” to happy hours to our annual Thanksgriving feast, where we bring together family and friends for a good time over good food.

A note on our metrics: We researched the companies on this list and crunched the data to find truly stellar businesses. We looked at health benefits (including mental health), fitness perks, healthy eating options, vacation and telecommuting polices, help for parents, initiatives to build culture, philanthropic efforts, and more. Unless otherwise noted, all employee counts are for the U.S. only.

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Clint Nielsen

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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