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Today, Tasha Wall shares with us her story, and how she rose from her humble beginnings into the aspiring personal trainer and fitness model that she is today.

Thanks Tasha, for taking the time to answer some Questions. What sparked your interest in training and how did you get started as a personal trainer, fitness model and lifestyle coach?

Tasha Wall: I found myself with really low self esteem and just feeling very uncomfortable in my clothing. I had many years struggling with depression and body image until I decided to make a change to get healthy, but more importantly I wanted to finally be happy. Once I found a balance of training and clean eating, I felt inspired to help other people get out of that same slump I had found myself in. I then started my personal training career, which then lead to some fitness modelling which I’ve fallen in love with because it allows me to show people my results through my personal experiences and struggles.

Tasha wall before

Tasha Wall before (left) and after (right). Quite the difference…

What’s the most important thing that has kept you motivated over the years?

Tasha Wall: I think knowing I need to be a role model for my followers and clients. That I need to practice what I preach.

What are some of the other writers, artists, models and fitness leaders that have inspired you?

Tasha Wall: I was originally inspired by Jamie Eason but also Kelsey Byers. She has a story similar to mine and you can tell that her heart is really in it.

I debunk a lot of gimmicks and scams on this site. Is there anything fitness related that you’ve fallen victim to yourself and wasted your money on in the past?

Tasha Wall: When I was younger and before I had any knowledge, I always used to look for the ultimate pill that would make me skinny. Fat burners, and appetite suppressants. I learned the hard way, that it’s not the answer and that you don’t actually need any of that stuff to succeed.

Tasha Wall

What physical feature or key milestone are you most proud of?

Tasha Wall: This past year has been very successful for me in so many ways. I’ve grown so much as a person and my business has skyrocketed. I’ve had many people reach out to tell me how I made them decide to change their life for the good, and I am SO proud of that. I’m actually accomplishing what I know I’m meant to be doing and changing peoples lives.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles or set backs towards achieving your physique?

Tasha Wall: Yes a million! I still have times where I struggle just like everyone else. I have days where I didn’t eat as well as I should. I’ve had some minor injuries. Everyone has setbacks, that’s life. You just get on with it.

How long do you spend in the gym during a typical workout?

Tasha Wall: About 1hr 15mins

What does your training routine look like?

Tasha Wall: Usually like to isolate and superset 2 muscle groups a day, plus about 45 mins of cardio. So I lift weights 6 days a week. I alternate sometimes one week light weight and then one week heavy. I change my exercises weekly to keep my body guessing and be sure to hit the most stubborn problem areas at least twice a week.

Tasha Wall

What is your diet like? Do you stick to a method (such as intermittent fasting etc)? What’s your approach?

Tasha Wall: I eat 6 small meals a day with the first 4 consisting of a protein + slow digesting carb and protein and/or healthy fat for the last 2, I eat as clean as possible at all times and never eat anything processed or fried.

Are there any KEY diet or training tips that you adhere to and would recommend to the readers?

Tasha Wall: Yes, don’t do anything extreme. Talk to a nutritionist so you can learn how to get to your goals in the healthiest way possible and keep them. Think long term, no quick fixes. Drink a ton of water and never go without eating for more than 3 hours.

How do you deal with cravings for sweet or salty junk foods?

Tasha Wall: I eat a piece of fruit for ‘sweet’ cravings once a day at a minimum, twice if they’re really bad. Just making sure you have a balanced diet with all the food groups is the best way to get rid of cravings. If that doesn’t work, I just give in and have a couple bites of whatever I want.

What supplements do you use if any? If not, why not?

Tasha Wall: I take a mutivitamin and omega 3-6-9 as well as vitamin D in the winter. I don’t take performance enhancers just because I don’t feel I need them and I would rather do it the ‘all natural’ way, even if it means I’m not quite as lean or it takes more work.

Tasha Wall

What’s next on the horizon for Tasha Wall?

Tasha Wall: So many exciting things! I have a lot in store so you will have to watch and stay tuned.

Tasha Wall’s social circle

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  • Jackie says:

    2 things about this interview immediately jumped out at me:

    1) 75 minute workout, HALF OF WHICH IS CARDIO! I wish anyone who ever listened to a fitness marketer tell them they shouldn’t do cardio could read this answer. Look at how great she looks… because SHE WORKS FOR IT!

    2) No performance enhancing supplements… doesn’t feel like she needs them! YAHOOOO!!! I wish anyone who ever wasted their hard-earned bux on useless ‘supplements’ full of filler, preservatives and chemicals that are basically just processed non-food (aren’t we trying to avoid processed food?) could read this answer.

    oh, and the video was great too, loved the bit about inner beauty.

    Thanks for an awesome interview with a VERY inspiring woman. Only thing missing is a link where we can connect with her on Facebook!


    • Clint says:

      No prob Jackie, glad you liked it :).

      Thanks for pointing out the bad linking error on her Facebook page. It’s now the correct link and working.


  • Tasha is one inspiring person within the fitness realm. She has worked hard to be what she has become after everything she was in the past. She can be a role model for everyone.

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