Reveal The Steel – Second Edition

The ultimate guide to gaining muscle and strength FAST

Reveal The Steel was created for those who choose to blend fitness with their lifestyles. It will help you become leaner, stronger and gain muscle each week, but it won’t be at the cost of your ability to enjoy life. This program was designed to make training fun, exciting and super simple.

Get into ‘Hollywood’ shape without the bullsh*t

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about gaining muscle & strength as fast as possible

  • Aesthetic muscle mass
  • Maintaining obscene levels of definition
  • Slim waist / wide back
  • Big shoulders
  • Chiseled pecs
  • Rock hard arms
  • Athletic legs

Build muscle FAST

I’ll make sure you only perform the optimal amount of exercises to build a strong and muscular body without any unnecessary work

  • Build muscle without gaining any fat
  • Transform your body training just 3 days per week
  • Reveal The Steel outlines the most effective strategy to building muscle and strength as fast as possible
  • You’ll experience maximal growth, WITHOUT over-training and exhausting yourself in and out of the gym

Minimize FAT gain

I’ll teach you how to stay lean while building muscle with my best lifestyle-friendly dieting strategies

The Reveal The Steel nutrition protocols enable you to build muscle and make massive strength gains without gaining fat in the process.

With these strategies you’ll see:

  • Muscles starting to tighten up
  • The muscle definition becoming more apparent
  • You’ll be adding weight to lifts that you hadn’t before
  • The ability to enjoy large and satisfying meals and even your favourite desserts without gaining body fat

The Second Edition of Reveal The Steel is better than ever!

Included in this 100 page book is an intense, but easy to follow 12 week training program.

The final 4 weeks will get you SUPER shredded!

Introducing The Fastest Strategy For
Building Strength & Lean Muscle

How this program is different

I use a well-tested and different approach:

  1. You’re not over-training or working out 5 or 6 days a week.
  2. Just THREE days is all you need following my simple workout splits, and your results and progress will explode because of it.
  3. You’re not performing tons of exercises and sets each workout.
  4. Instead, you’ll use a minimalist method of training I’ve found more effective for building rock hard muscle than any other workout routine.
  5. In this program you’ll focus on progressing on the key movements that generate the most results.
  6. You’ll finally learn how to MAXIMIZE your time in the gym to get the MOST results from the LEAST effort!

How do I know it works?

On top of the testimonials below, I’ve been following my own protocols now for over 10 years and manage to keep my physique in tip-top shape even with 2 kids!

  1. Imagine yourself looking in the mirror 2 months from now, and seeing all the incredible progress.
  2. The Reveal The Steel Program is the shortest, quickest path to breaking through all the barriers and plateaus holding you back from the muscle, definition, and strength you want.
  3. I’ve laid out the program for you – it’s up to YOU to follow it.
  4. Can you afford to miss out on this?

What you will learn

  1. The essential lifts for building rock-solid muscle
  2. How to maximize your lifting protocol so you can easily build super strength and dense, rock-hard muscle
  3. Optimal training frequency for maximum strength and muscle gains (the “media” misleads you in a HUGE way with this!)
  4. Low-budget nutrition strategies for building muscle and avoiding fat gain (and actually enjoying the process)
  5. How to track your progress easily and effectively
  6. …And so much more!

What’s in the program?

PART 1: Diet & Nutrition

  1. The KEY to success
  2. The BEST dieting method
  3. Intermittent fasting
  4. Carb cycling
  5. What supplements to use and when
  6. Alcohol and how you can include it to your FIT lifestyle
  7. How many calories for fat-loss, maintenance and muscle gains
  8. The 70-30 rule
  9. Figuring out your caloric intake
  10. Macronutrients
  11. The ONCE ONLY food journal

PART 2: Mistakes & Misconceptions

  1. Relying on supplements
  2. Changing programs too often
  3. Training only the ‘mirror’ muscles
  4. Over training
  5. Not training to ‘maximum’
  6. Not tracking progress
  7. Sticking to one rep range
  8. Doing too much cardio
  9. Spending too long training
  10. Worrying about ‘Starvation Mode’

PART 3: Training Essentials

  1. Training methodology & periodization
  2. Goal setting
  3. Rep ranges
  4. Compounds vs isolation
  5. Machines vs free-weights
  6. Training to failure
  7. Number of days and session length
  8. Circuits, weights or cardio?
  9. Range-of-motion
  10. The ‘mind-muscle’ connection
  11. My stance on ‘abdominal’ training
  12. Stress, sleep & recovery

PART 4: Reveal The Steel Program

  1. Program outline
  2. What you’ll need
  3. How many days to train
  4. The ‘Stage’ system
  5. How to follow the program
  6. Example structure
  7. Stage 1: Outline + Routines
  8. Stage 2: Outline + Routines
  9. Stage 3: Outline + Routines
  10. Stage 4: Outline + Routines + Diet

What others have to say

“I was specifically impressed with Nielsen’s ability to cover the basics for people new to training. Things that I would be prone to skipping over, like defining what exercises constitute isolated movements versus compound movements, are critical foundational concepts he addresses in great detail.”

– Breaking Muscle

“Having tried Reveal the Steel V1 and experiencing size and strength gains I was eager to try out V2. It doesn’t disappoint! Easy to follow, great advice and a killer program, Clint has nailed it again.”

– Harley Tesoriero (long time hard-gainer)

”If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

– Bruce Lee

Here’s what you get in the program

Complete Reveal The Steel Manual

I’ve spent the last 10 YEARS testing, tweaking and refining a system that’s PROVEN to get incredible results…

There are NO more excuses for NOT achieving the muscular, solid body of a champion.

Join this program today to completely transform your physique in just 3 workouts per week!

Complete Diet & Nutrition Guide

You’ll learn exactly how to create your own nutrition and diet plan for staying lean while gaining strength and muscle.

How much you can eat, how to make your diet easy to stick to/enjoyable, when you should eat, how to incorporate ALCOHOL into your training lifestyle and much more!

Easy to follow workout charts

Each program is detailed down to the sets and reps so you can easily stick to it.

It’s never been easier to follow!

View an example

Special Event Training

Have a beach vacation or event you want to get super lean for? I’ve included a special section in the program DEDICATED in getting you to the next level.

This is ONLY for the hardcore!

View an example

Are you ready to join the program?

I want you to be able to achieve physical greatness without a lighting crew, baby oil nor product endorsement.
At the end of the day the results will all come down to you, and how much effort you’re willing to put in.

If you’ve read this far, I know that I’m talking to the right person.


Clint Nielsen (Author of Reveal The Steel)

What does it cost?

An average personal training session will set you back around $100 per 45 minute session.

I’ve decided to offer the NEW edition of Reveal The Steel for just ONE payment of $47 only $39.95

ONLY $39.95!

Lifetime access to the entire program