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Listen up…

There are plenty of ‘lose fat in five minutes’ and ‘build mountains of muscle overnight’ programs out there, but I’ve only found a few that I’ve personally tested myself and have seen solid results with.

For this reason, you’ll find the below list is short, and to the point.

Reveal The Steel#1 Reveal The Steel (By Clint Nielsen)

What can I say? This is my own personally designed and tested training guide. Tested by a team of 20 people, it incorporates RPT training as a starting point then gradually introduces some serious volume right up to Stage 4 where the aim is to get you “photo-shoot” or “stage” ready (see my own ‘photo shoot’ results here >).

If you’re looking to get stronger and lose some serious body fat, then this book is for you.

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visual impact books

#2 Visual Impact (by Rusty Moore)

Rusty Moore (of has put together a bunch of neat courses for both men and women that help to achieve “The hollywood look” as he puts it.

I’ve used the mens course in the past with fantastic results (view those here), and use pieces of his Visual Impact Cardio course in my own programming for fat loss on a regular basis.

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Eat Stop Eat Book

#3 Eat Stop Eat (by Brad Pilon)

Brad Pilon is one of the first people to open my eyes to flexible dieting and using Intermittent Fasting as not only a fat loss technique, but also as a way to stay lean year-round in a very easy fashion. This ‘Expanded Edition’ has been revised several times and comes highly recommended.

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Always remember – the best training program in the world always seems like the one you aren’t currently doing.

Stick with it, and the results will come,
Clint Nielsen (Reveal The Steel)