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[Actual pancakes pictured above]

Protein Pancakes that are high in satiety and low on the naughty refined sugars

As you may be aware, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I tend to make a lot of ‘seemingly’ off-limit food that most people would think should be sending me to the ‘Fat Clinic’.

Thankfully, I’ve become pretty good at finding alternatives to the not-so-good food options and making them filling and down-right tasty.

The caveat…

Now, if you’re a maple syrup fan, the nutritional value of these pancakes would be somewhat compromised. There may be options for low calorie maple syrup out there, so you could perhaps use that as a viable alternative.

High protein pancakes (makes 3 large)

Protein Pancake Recipe

The ingredients to this ‘protein bomb’.
Note: 3 eggs are pictured, but there are only 2 in the actual recipe.


2 eggsProtein (and for binding).
1 scoop (35g) whey protein powder (choc preferred)I use what ever’s around. Chocolate or banana are my faves.
1 cup oatsLow GI carbs (like it really matters). Oats rock and are also packed with fibre.
1/4 tsp saltFor taste. Trust me, your pancakes will need it.
1 tbsp steviaOr sweetener equivalent. Stevia can be found everywhere. It’s natural and derived from a plant.
1 tbsp flourFor density (not 100% necessary and can be sub’d with any form of flour (rice, quinoa etc).
150ml milkFor density and protein (almond/low fat Рany will work).
1 tsp cinnamonFor depth of flavour (also helps stabilize blood-sugar levels).
2 tbsp cacaoFor taste (cocoa can also be used).
1 tbsp olive oilTo stop your ‘protein’ pancakes from being dry and awful (mandatory).
1/2 tsp vanilla extractFor taste.
Maple Syrup, natural yoghurt (to serve)These will ‘jazz’ it up somewhat (I find the natural yogurt cuts nicely through the sweetness).

Note: Ingredients will affect nutritional values once substituted.

Protein Pancake Recipe

The use of a ‘blending device’ just make it that little bit easy to mix the dry ingredients together, and most importantly, give you a nice smooth consistency.

Protein Pancake Recipe

After you’ve blended the ‘dry’ ingredients, it’s time to add the ‘wet’


#1¬†– Combine the ‘dry’ ingredients in a small food processor (protein, oats, salt, stevia, cinnamon, cacao, flour).
Note: You don’t have to combine them this way as they will combine just fine by hand – i just prefer a more consistently smooth pancake.
#2 – Place dry ingredients into a medium sized mixing bowl
#3 – Whisk in your ‘wet’ ingredients (eggs, milk, olive oil).
#4 – You now have your batter!
#5 – Heat a medium size pan over high heat until hot.
#6 – Once hot, turn it down to medium and grease with a small amount of salt-free butter.
#7 – Using a soup ladle, spoon in your batter and cook until bubbles start appearing on the surface before flipping and cooking through.
#8 – Top with maple syrup, yogurt and/or berries & fruit.

There you have it

My recipe for protein pancakes. They’re pretty tasty, and if you’re looking to pack on some muscle, they just might be what the doctor ordered.
Bon appetite.

Protein Pancake Recipe

The end result are light, fluffy pancakes (these ones are topped with natural yoghurt to cut-through the sweetness of the maple syrup)

Nutritional profile

(Based on 3 protein pancakes without toppings)

Total Fat35.4g
Saturated Fat8.6g
Total carbs91.6g
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