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I’ve come to the conclusion, that tonnes of people are just plain lazy

Sure it’s a broad statement – but I think you’ll find it’s more true that not once I start picking apart the cotton wool that surrounds your perception of society. Firstly, people don’t read emails. They just don’t. They might ‘receive’ the email, then glance over it. That’s where it ends. It’s fricken laziness people – Read the f*cking email, then I won’t need to explain myself 10 times over, nor will I have you email me back in a week asking a question that’s already been answered by the f*cking Bible.

Actual contents of email are usually non biblical.

People can’t seem to clean up after themselves either

It’d appear that I’m commonly surrounded by a pack of Greenhouse retards.

Is ‘pack’ the correct collective noun here? Perhaps it’s a Gaggle of Greenhouse retards. I have a team of highly capable chimps working around the clock looking for an answer to that one – I’ll get back to you.

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, the recycling inept. Putting your pizza boxes inside of plastic bags before throwing them in the recycling bin is NOT classified as recycling. Oh I guess someone ELSE can save your lazy-arse and remove the plastic bags for you. You’d like that wouldn’t you. Why should you do it after all?

You have better things to do like trimming your nose hairs and donating your sperm to science. Everyone from Green Peace rang and apparently, YOU’VE FAILED.

Is your laziness causing progress suicide?

I baked a cake for you. In your honour.

Laziness doesn’t stop there…

How many times have you been to the gym and tripped over weights some d*ckhead’s left scattered about the gym floor in a ‘bird-trying-to-nest’ kinda way.

Sure, you need every dumbbell increment from 5kg’s up to 12.25 kgs just to make sure noone else in the gym has a weight to choose from. Oh I completely get that, you douche-bag – I don’t, however, get how your opposable thumbs suddenly became redundant and you’re incapable of putting the silver-weights back to where you found them. Oh wait. You DID put the weights back – only on the rack RIGHT in front of you. That’s nowhere near where they need to be, now is it?

Heaven forbid that someone looking for a poundage befitting for ANTS would be able to find what they’re looking for!

Oh, but the carnage continues…

How about the pool of sweat that was left on the nearby bench that you were just about to throw your towel over.

Oh, I’m sorry – not everyone needs to take a towel to the gym.

Could it be that you don’t sweat? Hang on a second, maybe your sweat smells like roses and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Perhaps couples all around the world should be donating their first born children to you and tattooing your initials on their grandmothers foreheads in size 200pt Helvetica to show respect to someone incapable of harboring sweat glands.

No towel required then. As you were – oh enlightened one. Here’s a thought – maybe you’re just too lazy to WASH you’re own f*cking towels, let alone take one to the gym.

This brings me to my point…

Yes there’s a point to my rant.

Being lazy with your own health and fitness is progress suicide. If you aren’t capable of putting in the effort, you’re going to fail. MISERABLY. 

This means, eating and training like a b*tch when you damn well KNOW you should be. Sure you could eat that cupcake and skip the gym this morning, but your laziness and penchant for baked-goods will have you swinging those tuck-shop-lady-arms and thunder-belly around the mall quicker than you can say adult onset diabetes.

Laziness people. Fight it.

Clint Nielsen

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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  • Reinaldo says:

    Glad to find you in a good mood! LOL

    Rant aside, I would like to expose another suspect: ignorance. Yes, laziness sure is number 1, but ignorance is close second. Ignorance of what works for YOU!

    I believe in “whatever floats your boat”. Hell, I guess at least SOMEONE lost his/her extra weight with just elliptical bike workouts and a frutarian diet. I’m more a paleo + weight lifting dude myself, but: I had to try a lot of crap before I nailed down what works for me. And I mean a LOT. My point is, maybe people don’t know any better. They try what they’re told to be the ONLY way, and it doesn’t work for them. Nobody tells them they can try other options…. So they give up on their laziness, because they gave it a honest try for a few months and got nowhere. I was there so many times.

    That being said, there is true laziness as well. Morbidly obese people who just doesn’t care. They just don’t.give.a.single.fuck. They aren’t reading your blog, anyway. People looking for fitness do.

    I guess lazy people can recover from it, but they need to be educated. I know they don’t like where they’re going, or the joint pains, or not being able to wipe their own ass… so I’ll be more kind to them. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they need to be shown the way. Maybe.

  • Clint Nielsen says:

    It’s difficult to blame ‘ignorance’ in the days pf the internet.
    There is literally more than enough information out there.

    Perhaps if it wasn’t for largely bogus info (yes, I’m pointing the finger at you fitness industry), then a lot of people wouldn’t be turned off from trying to achieve ANY level of fat loss or muscle gain. Thus making it easy for the ‘TOO HARD BASKET’.

  • Hi Clint, I just found your site through twitter… hilarious rant! And this is why I love women’s gyms :) At least the girls pick up after themselves (mostly!) Retweeted the link too, I love Rusty Moore as well :)

  • Clint Nielsen says:

    Thanks for the kudos :)
    Yes i do believe the ladies are a little less lazy in the gym.
    Having said that, I have been told that the state of your changerooms can leave a lot to be desired. Please tell me this isn’t true?

  • Hey Clint – I think it varies from gym to gym. And yes, some changerooms could definitely be better!

  • Keith says:

    Haha great post Clint. I agree most people are VERY lazy. This is why the supplement industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. People always try to search for that next great supplement, that next great thing that will give them the excuse to avoid any real work. So instead eating less calories, a person might just take that amazing green tea fat burning pill :)

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      Thanks Keith. I know I was in a ‘special’ mood when I wrote this post, but I definitely agree with the benefits of laziness to the supplement industry.
      Mental note – ‘invent supplement’.

  • WB says:

    Gotta say man! I agree!

    What gym do you train at? It sounds like its full of *ssholes lol…

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      I train at Fitness First out of necessity. I think I can safely say that out of the 6 or more that I’ve trained at, the stereotypes live on.

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