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Jacoby Morgan shares with us his story, and how he channeled his aggression from an early age, into positive things. He also gives us the low-down on how he trains, stays ripped and keeps motivated year round.

So Jacoby, what sparked your interest in training and how did you get started as a strength coach, personal trainer, fitness model and competitor?

Jacoby Morgan: My fitness story began when I was just a little guy. When I was around 5 or 6 years old I watched my older brother play football. I begged my dad to let me play! I played quarterback and I was a fiery son-of-a-gun. I felt as if I had to prove something to the larger kids my age. My father instilled in me growing up that “It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” There is a lot of truth to that saying and I started applying it to my life at a young age. I can remember wrestling for my school in 5th grade and I had been so physical with this kid on the mat that after I pinned him, his dad came out of the stands to come point his finger in my face and yell at me!

The picture I am trying to paint is that at 6-10 years old, I was a violent little sh*t! As I have gotten older, I have (done my best) to control it and channel it into positive things. When I began focusing more on baseball and earning scholarships for college I used that same ferocity and drive to better myself physically in the weight room.

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Once baseball ended for me I needed to fill the competitive void. My long time best friend, Perry Merlotti, had been chasing his fitness goals for a few years already and so I gave it a shot. I already has a good foundation from the years of sports, and I had the mental toughness to set a goal and reach it no matter the circumstance. I did an internship at Central Institute for Human Performance in St. Louis Missouri and I learned under a Level 5 P.I.C.P. coach, a Level 3 P.I.C.P. coach as a two Level 2 P.I.C.P. coaches. I learned more in the 3 months there than I did at the university level. It’s a shame how shitty the university system is regarding fitness, health, and nutrition!

With the new found knowledge and interest I decided to get certified through Charles Poliquin’s system. I took the Level 1 & 2 P.I.C.P. courses as well as his BioSiganature Modulation. I have personally had great success after following his principles. I have since used the knowledge to better my clients, as well as myself. I competed in the WBFF Dallas championships and placed 1st in the physique category.

I’d say around 75% of my motivation comes from within. I really enjoy the satisfaction of being fit.

Impressive results indeed. What‘s the most important thing that has kept you motivated over the years?

Jacoby Morgan: If I were to break it down, I’d say around 75% of my motivation comes from within. I really enjoy the satisfaction of being fit. The other 25% come from not letting my friends, clients, and followers down!

What are some of the other writers, artists, models and fitness leaders that have inspired you?

Jacoby Morgan: I am inspired by the old guys like Arnold, Platz, and Zane. I like reading things from Poliquin, Thibeadeu, Wendler, and Tate.

I train 4-5 days a week depending on the training split.

I debunk a lot of gimmicks and scams on this site. Is there anything fitness related that you’ve fallen victim to yourself and wasted your money on in the past?

Jacoby Morgan: I have fallen victim to the idea that going below parallel on a squat is bad for your knees, as well as not letting the knee track past the toes on a lunge. Truth is, if you have good structural balance and flexibility then you will be perfectly fine letting the knee track past the toes.

What physical feature or key milestone are you most proud of?

Jacoby Morgan: Well since I am so new to the fitness industry, I have not reached any major goals yet, but I am happy with last years prep for my show and the dedication it took. I never knew my abs could be that ripped!

jacoby morgan

Have you had to overcome and obstacles or set backs towards achieving your physique?

Jacoby Morgan: I have been very fortunate to be injury free. My physique didn’t have any unusual obstacles. The main obstacle I face every day is gravity.

How long do you spend in the gym during a typical workout?

Jacoby Morgan: 50 minutes

What does your training routine look like and how many days a week do you train?

Jacoby Morgan: I train 4-5 days a week depending on the training split. If I am doing two-a-days then you can double that number, of course.

What is your diet like? Do you stick to a method (such as intermittent fasting etc)? What’s your approach?

Jacoby Morgan: My diet when preparing for a show consists of carb cycling paired with a paleo style of eating. I also supplement quite a bit, using the Poliquin line for most things.

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Are there any KEY diet or training tips that you adhere to and would recommend to the readers?

Jacoby Morgan: Training tip: I would say pay attention to tempo and rest intervals. It’s not that these are the most important, it’s just that they are the most overlooked training variables. When training at a high intensity use a slower tempo and longer rest intervals, and when training with a higher volume use slightly faster tempo and less rest intervals. Those are vague guidelines and not absolute rules.

How do you deal with cravings for sweet or salty junk foods?

Jacoby Morgan: If its while I am prepping for a show I will get a small treat on my cheat day. If it is at other times of the year I will just eat it. If my training is up to par then it will not hurt me too much aesthetically. Health wise, yes it will still be detrimental, but hey, you got to live a little don’t ya?

What supplements do you use?

Jacoby Morgan: I use some supplements year round like fish oil, zinc, magnesium, multi, D3, pro-biotic, whey, BCAA, and HCl. When preparing for a show or a photo shoot, then supplement stack will get a little more in depth depending on my priority.

What’s next on the horizon for Jacoby Morgan?

Jacoby Morgan: My current goals are to improve on my physique, specifically my delts, pecs, and calves. I would like to step on stage in the mid 190’s next time.

Thanks for your time Jacoby, is there anything you’d like to add?

Jacoby Morgan: I would like to say thanks for the opportunity! If anyone would like to check out more about me feel free to follow me.

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Jacoby’s stats

185lbs / 6’0” / 25 years old

Jacoby Morgan Deadlifting

Jacoby Morgan’s social circle

If you’d like to get in touch with Jacoby, checkout his social pages:

Twitter: @MorganMuscle
Instagram:  @JacobyMorgan_MorganMuscle

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