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Today, David Kimmerle shares with us his training and diet tips, tells us how he’s fallen victim to fitness gimmicks and let’s us know what truly motivates him to better himself.

How did you get started with modelling and fitness?

David Kimmerle: I got started early in 2009 when I was overweight and lost my business. This resulted in anger and frustration.

So at 26% body fat, weighing 230 something pounds, I went to the gym to “train away” this anger and frustration. I must have been pretty angry and frustrated because four months after I first stepped into a gym, I received a call for my first modeling gig and four months later my first cover of a fitness magazine. I have been trying ever since to make a living in this industry.

David Kimmerle

What is the number one thing that has kept you motivated?

David Kimmerle: The idea that my story is relatable to millions who have lost everything and started over with nothing. I am trying to push beyond my wildest dreams and accomplish the un-accomplishable proving that it is possible to go from negative to positive and then into abundance.

What is your training routine like, and what does it involve?

David Kimmerle:

10×10 45 second rest Workout

Workout 1


Flat bench press barbell or dumbbell, incline bench flys cable or dumbbells, dips (perfect form)


V-bar cable push downs, standing tricep extensions (behind the neck), dumbbell straight bar reverse grip push-downs


I follow the 10 sets of 10 for this day, choose the weight and ab movement I can do 100 of total (with 20 seconds rest). Do the same exercise and only one exercise (this is my heavy day for abs).

Workout 2


Military press front, dumbbell side lateral raises, rear delt machine flys (I use cables or dumbbells bent over with back parallel to the ground)


Olympic barbell curl (stripping method: start with a weight I can’t do 10 of and drop weight to finish set), standing dumbbell curl (elbows at side not moving both hands curling at the same time), seated hammer dumbbell curl


I murder them with VERY heavy weights — Train them for 20 mins (sets of 30 mandatory!) 45 second rest.

Workout 3


Chin-ups (10 sets of 5 perfect form, 45 second rest), lat pulldown (cable or machine wide grip), Bent over dumbbell row, Hip extensions (45 degree with 25 pound weight on chest or chin — slow!)


Train abdominals for 20 min (pick my favorite workout or whatever is available and play the pain game).

Workout 4


Lunges (dumbbells at least 50-60lbs for twenty steps – I cut out some work on legs so do this heavy and correctly), leg extensions, leg curl machine (seated or lying down)


To burnout my legs and finish off my calves. This is strip set method, much like boxing, I start off the weight heaviest I can do for 3 min and drop it down over and over again (it’s kinda like a fist fight only with your calves). Do not stop.

David Kimmerle

What are some of the other writers, artists, models and fitness leaders that have inspired you?

David Kimmerle: I need to give a shout to my friend Michelle LeSueur, she is not a fitness model or an athlete, she is a mother of 5 who looks amazing for her age. She has helped me to understand and prioritize the inside of my body, explained how it works alongside with what used to be my biggest worry (the outside of my body). As fitness models and athletes, we are willing to kill ourselves in competitions or auditions to look the part externally. Michelle made me understand this is not a good trade in the long term.

I fell victim to is myself and the misunderstanding that I could buy my dream in a box, rather than with sweat from a workout and tears of a diet.

Is there anything fitness related that you’ve fallen victim to yourself and wasted your money on in the past?

David Kimmerle: Yes, supplements. This is what I call the “bells and whistles”. I used to buy bottles and boxes of everything that said it would build muscle and burn fat. I honestly thought there was a magic pill. So what I fell victim to is myself and the misunderstanding that I could buy my dream in a box, rather than with sweat from a workout and tears of a diet.

What’s the physical feature you’re most proud of?

David Kimmerle: My biceps, I have worked hard on them.

David Kimmerle

Are there any KEY diet or training tips that you adhere to?

David Kimmerle: Yeah, my basic top five are…

  • Know what you’re eating, why you’re eating it when you’re eating it.
  • Train educated. Have a plan and hold it accountable with a heart rate monitor.
  • Always do cardio after weight training.
  • Use accesories at the gym or while training. Mine include versa grips, heart rate monitor, iPod, headphones and a good pair of shoes.
  • If all else fails and you can’t make it to the gym, try to do 400 push ups in an hour. It works I promise.

I wake up every morning at 7am and run 6 miles round trip from my front door to the top of Runyon canyon and back.

What’s a day-in-the-life for DK like? Give us a run-down of how you eat, train and move on a regular day.

David Kimmerle: I wake up every morning at 7am and run 6 miles round trip from my front door to the top of Runyon canyon and back. Around 10am I start working on my website and other obligations such as sponsorships, modeling, etc. 6pm I usually go back to the gym following these numbered workouts and then edit video from 9:30pm to midnight. I do this about 6 days a week.

What supplements do you use if any? If not, why not?

David Kimmerle:


Glutamine 5g
Udo’s Oil
DHEA 25 mg
Vitamin C


Beta alanine 3g
Carnosine 250 mg


Digestive Enzyme
Vitamin C
Green (dried greens) drink


Digestive Enzyme
Glucomannan 1teaspoon


Vitamin C
Glutamine 5g
DHEA 25-50mg
Udo’s oil
Pm Vitamins (bodylogix)


Creatine ethyl ester 3-5g
L-carnitine 800mg
Bodylogix Pre-workout or similar pump – go get em drink
Bcaas 5g
Glutamin 5g


Creatine ethyl ester 3g
Beta alanine 3g
Carnosine 250mg
L-carnitine 800mg
Glutamine 5g

Digest Gold – take with the four largest meals of the day, 5 minutes prior to eating.

David Kimmerle

Favourite quote?

David Kimmerle: “Be proud of how far you’ve come & have faith in how far you can go”

What’s next on the horizon for David Kimmerle?

David Kimmerle: Launching membership site, I am pretty excited, it has been a year in the making. I am working hard on my transition from fitness into Hollywood, acting and hosting.

Thanks for your time David, is there anything you’d like to add?

David Kimmerle: Check out my website launching this winter 2012 and follow me on youtube, twitter & facebook.

David Kimmerle’s social circle

If you’d like to get in touch with David Kimmerle checkout his site and social pages:


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  • Drew says:

    Hmm 10 x 10 and 45 seconds to look like that. Makes me wonder if Reverse Pyramids with 3 minutes in between is setting me backwards.

    Also is Glutamine really that effective? I never tried it. I been taking Beta alanine before and during my workout. If I had to choose between the Glutamine and Beta alanine which would it be and why?

    • @Drew, my reading into the supplement of “Glutamine” indicates no statistical difference in taking or not taking it. If you are a trained individual and on a relatively higher protein diet, you get all you need and supplementing is not necessary. I do take glutamine in hopes that this particular amino helps me recover faster than if I didn’t (there is no proof however). Here is the concluding statement made by a study in Canada:

      “College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

      The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of oral glutamine supplementation combined with resistance training in young adults. A group of 31 subjects, aged 18-24 years, were randomly allocated to groups (double blind) to receive either glutamine (0.9 g x kg lean tissue mass(-1) x day(-1); n = 17) or a placebo (0.9 g maltodextrin x kg lean tissue mass(-1) x day(-1); n = 14 during 6 weeks of total body resistance training. Exercises were performed for four to five sets of 6-12 repetitions at intensities ranging from 60% to 90% 1 repetition maximum (1 RM). Before and after training, measurements were taken of 1 RM squat and bench press strength, peak knee extension torque (using an isokinetic dynamometer), lean tissue mass (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) and muscle protein degradation (urinary 3-methylhistidine by high performance liquid chromatography). Repeated measures ANOVA showed that strength, torque, lean tissue mass and 3-methylhistidine increased with training (P < 0.05), with no significant difference between groups. Both groups increased their 1 RM squat by approximately 30% and 1 RM bench press by approximately 14%. The glutamine group showed increases of 6% for knee extension torque, 2% for lean tissue mass and 41% for urinary levels of 3-methylhistidine. The placebo group increased knee extension torque by 5%, lean tissue mass by 1.7% and 3-methylhistidine by 56%. We conclude that glutamine supplementation during resistance training has no significant effect on muscle performance, body composition or muscle protein degradation in young healthy adults."

    • Clint says:

      “Hmm 10 x 10 and 45 seconds to look like that. Makes me wonder if Reverse Pyramids with 3 minutes in between is setting me backwards.”

      Remember that it’s ‘the sum of all parts’ when it comes to training and diet. Not one single ‘magic bullet’ is going to determine whether you look as good as David.

      Consistency, hard work, solid diet and YEARS of training will get you there (and genetics).

      Also remember that the photos I’ve posted here are ‘model’ shots and most pros will only look dry-shredded for the day of the shoot.

      Lastly, it’s not the style of training you are doing that will get you to this elite level. The best program always seems like the one you aren’t CURRENTLY doing.

  • Jay says:

    Damn, thats a whole lot of supps.

  • Anna Sisk says:

    OutStanding Interview. This Man is amazing. Great Tips Thanks you!

  • Anna Sisk says:

    Outstanding Interview. Amazing Man David Kimmerle. Great Info Thank you!

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