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Today I was fortunate enough to have a chat with Ian McCarthy of No Bullshit Body Building and Lifting For Life.


Some of the highlights of the interview included

  • Ian discusses his background and what keeps him motivated.
  • How long it took him to get ‘noticed’ as a serious voice of reason.
  • He talks about the writers and fitness leaders that have influenced him
  • His final thoughts on the often ill-defined term ‘Bro Science’
  • How he handles the criticism of his often polarising views on training and nutrition.
  • His thoughts on using fitness pros as inspiration for the average fitness enthusiast.
  • His thoughts on flexible dieting and using science as ‘absolute fact’.
  • He discusses Intermittent fasting and nutrient timing.
  • Ian also discusses his current training regimen (for mass gains) and his favourite supplements.

It’s a little long, but it’s been edited for your viewing pleasure and, I believe, well worth the watch.


Ian McCarthy’s social circle

If you’d like to get in touch with Ian McCarthy, checkout his social pages:


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