Hilarious training gimmicks – #5 The ThighMaster Review

By January 15, 2011 8 Comments
Fitness gimmick

Why am I harping on such an old gimmick such as The ThighMaster?

This product is kinda old (circa 1991), but is well deserved at copping a hiding from yours truely. It genuinely helped kick-start the “results by association” phenomena which is prevalent in the fitness industry today.

If Suzanne Somers has great legs, and she uses the ThighMaster, it must work.

Although this product is (ridiculously) split up into 2 unique products, I’m going to attack them as a whole as it’s pretty much the same thing just in a different size.

First, the blatantly obvious…

How does one achieve an increased heart rate whilst using what is basically a hand-gripper on steroids? This pile of crappola doesn’t even allow you to increase resistance over time, nor does it allow for a complete range of motion.

I’m pretty sure that no matter what level of fitness you’re currently at, the ThighMaster won’t do ‘diddly’ nor ‘squat’ for you. In fact, if you admitted to having purchased one in the past twenty years, you’re probably the kinda person who thinks Santa Claus is real.

Run along now, your imaginary friend is calling for you.

Clint Nielsen

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