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Over the coming weeks, I’ll be profiling a meal that I eat MYSELF which is easy to make for the time poor amongst us – oh, and is healthy and will keep you satiated until lunchtime. WIN?

Without a doubt, convenience is paramount to success for anyone looking to trim down or sculpt their physique.

More often than not, people will walk out the door of a morning, having not eaten a single thing for breakfast. This works for some (especially those on an Eat Stop Eat diet), but for the rest of us that need to shower, get dressed and walk out the door we need our meals FAST.

Enter the recipe for protein shake heaven

It contains a mega does of protein (both slow-release and instant), plus a ton of fibre, vitamins and all sorts of goodies.

Did I mention it tastes great and can be made, consumed (even the washing up done) in under 10 minutes?

What you’ll need for your easy breakfast

1 x handful Frozen berries (can use ice + fresh berries if you like)
3 x tbsp Cottage Cheese (I use weight watchers brand but any low-fat will do)
2 x tbsp Low-fat Yoghurt (natural is preferred)
½ cup Milk (full cream, low fat whatever you like)
1 x tsp Honey (This is a must unless you really like the taste of cottage cheese)
1 scoop protein powder (I use chocolate flavour)


1 tbsp Muesli (or oats if you don’t have any. The dried fruits are a nice addition however.)
½ tbsp LSA powder (Linseed, Sunflower seeds and Almonds)
½ tbsp Psyllium husk (RAW powder, not Metamucil!)


Quantities don’t have to be exact – afterall, you need to make this thing QUICKLY right?

Method for your easy protein shake breakfast

Place entire list of ingredients in a blender and whizz the sucker until smooth. It’ll taste like a thick, thick chocolate berry shake. There’ll be crunchy bits in the bottom if you used muesli and frozen berries.

Editor’s Note: What’s your spin on the breaky shake? Put your own recipe in the comments below.

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