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What’s this about?

You may or may not be aware, but I’ve decided to ‘duel’ my good friend JC Deen via Fitocracy to see who can lift more than the other. It’s a friendly wager (at this stage), and it’ll be good to compete against others from around the globe as this kind of thing gains traction.

Bad idea?

Potentially I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Heck, JC has been featured in Men’s Health, T-Nation and a bunch of other reputable websites (including the interview section of this one). He also has a client list longer than my arm (I have pretty f*ckin long arms by the way). Also, having looked at his previous workouts, Dead Lifts might have been the LAST exercise I should have chosen for battle purposes.

What I have going for me…

  • My most recent floor ‘Dead lift’ was in October, 2012. That means I still should have a considerable amount of strength prepared for these related lifts (not a guarantee).
  • I’m currently enduring Stage 1 of Reveal The Steel which is ALL about strength gains.
  • I have my own Reveal The Steel singlet with an iron on transfer (potential game-changer).

Me training…

What’s going against me…

  • JC Deen arguably has more experience in dead lifting.
  • JC Deen is slightly shorter, so thus has a smaller range of motion (which can sometimes equate to bigger proportionate loads).
  • JC Deen has been sick over the Christmas period (this might be a lie, I’m getting my sources to check on this).
  • JC Deen has appeared in training videos lifting super heavy weights (might be CGI though. Also gonna check).

JCD training…

The current state of play (Tuesday 15th January)

I have logged a workout containing deadlifts with my max lift for 3 reps being 150kg (330lb).

This isn’t too shabby at all considering my last floor dead lift was October 18th, 2012 AND it was the aforementioned 150kg (330lb) for 3 reps.

Next workout, I’ll be upping the weight

You heard me Juicy (now accept the dual request already :)).

Want to get in on the action?

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