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Today, Christine Bullock drops by to share with us how she began as a model, presenter, writer and highly inspirational fitness advocate.

Being a TV host, writer, spokesmodel, and fitness model – that’s one heck of a resume! How did you get started?

Christine Bullock: Thanks! I just get bored pretty quickly, so I like the variety in my life (my workouts have the same variety). At the age of 3, I started dancing 5-7 days a week in ballet. Dancing is still my favorite forms of fitness. Not only is it a terrific cardiovascular and strengthening workout, it connects you to your body and calms the mind. If your a guy, it really helps with the chicks too, just look at Channing Tatum.

I danced for over 15 years and played a few sports such as track and soccer. When I decided to give up a professional dancing career for a college education, I began to take up and teach yoga. I had to hang up my tutu for a bit, because it was too difficult dancing without a purpose, knowing I was no longer aiming for prima ballerina at ABT. Yoga was the perfect alternative. It focused on flow, balance, and strength. After school I was blessed to hit the globe lecturing at international anti-aging conferences. I learned from physicians all over the world. I then applied this knowledge to additional certifications in Pilates, training, nutritions and pre/post natal recovery.

As far as fitness modeling, I fell into it. I work hard to achieve a fit body and mind, I might as well make a few dollars and motivate others in the meanwhile.

I see the health industry as something much bigger than just the cover of a fitness magazine or the lowest body fat percentage. Our body is our temple. We have the ability to live healthy full active lives into our 100’s. I’ve learned so much through the opportunity to travel and work with so many professionals. I meld my backgrounds into knowledge that is empirical, stands the test of time, and is safe.

I love tv hosting, because it is a chance for me to share my knowledge with others. It’s a grass roots effort. As far as fitness modeling, I fell into it. I work hard to achieve a fit body and mind, I might as well make a few dollars and motivate others in the meanwhile.

What is the number one thing that has kept you motivated?

Christine Bullock: I think once you begin to get in shape and feel the benefit mentally and physically, there is no other way to live! It is good old ‘negative reinforcement’. If you eat fatty, sugary, or processed foods once you are on a healthy kick, you feel sick, bloated, lethargic, emotional, and just all around bad. Thus, eating well and working out on a daily basis becomes the reward.

If you are not at this point yet, and just feel drained, cranky and overworked after you workouts, I promise this will change. I also recommend finding fitness and meals you enjoy! Get out of the gym and play beach volleyball, try acrobatics, take up tennis, or run a marathon. The recipes on my website are also great examples of meals that include nutrients from fresh in-season foods, while still satisfying taste.

I hear that your training is a little less ‘conventional’ than most – What is your training routine like, and what does it involve?

Christine Bullock: Yes, I guess it is. I can’t stay in the gym for the life of me. For instance, today I could have done cardio on the elliptical, but instead I chose to bike to my private 60 minute Pilates session and then bike for 45 minutes after.

Pilates is honestly the only workout I need to keep in tip top shape, but I add weights to build larger muscle like glute and bicep and dance for my heart and mind.

Weekly, I train 5-6 days a week. I have a variety of strength training with heavy weights, low impact with yoga and Pilates, and high cardio with HIIT and dance. My husband and I try to take a post work bike ride to the bar to watch the Pirates and commute to weekend activities via foot or bike. Pilates is honestly the only workout I need to keep in tip top shape, but I add weights to build larger muscle like glute and bicep and dance for my heart and mind.

What are some of the other writers, artists, models and fitness leaders that have inspired you?

Christine Bullock: Honestly, my clients are my greatest source of inspiration. We are so lucky as instructors to have the trust and support of individuals or a full group. It makes us better people. I continue to research new studies in nutrition and fitness based on the demands of my clients. Their success stories make it all worth while.

I debunk a lot of gimmicks and scams on this site. Is there anything fitness related that you’ve fallen victim to yourself and wasted your money on in the past?

Christine Bullock: You know what I don’t think I have. I have always enjoyed the hard work involved in exhaustive fitness routines and eating well. I have never relied on weight loss supplements or easy route machines. Sorry! I have ups and downs where I eat too much and pay for it in my workouts the next week. My goal is to be in touch with my body. If you mask the hunger and lack of motivation with energy supplements and caffeine, how are you supposed to know what your body truly needs? There is one road to your fitness goal and it is usually the high road, which is much more rewarding.

Your own physical feature that you are most proud of

Christine Bullock: I love my legs. They are dancers legs and have taken me through many years of joy on the stage.

I eat three large meals with a snack if I need one.

What is your diet like? Do you stick to a method (such as intermittent fasting etc) or have a less ‘structured’ approach?

Christine Bullock: Oh hell no, I love to eat! I do a juice cleanse every few months, but the juices are so filling it doesn’t feel like a lack of food. I do eat in season fresh foods. I eat three large meals with a snack if I need one. I try to eat mainly vegetables with a form of protein. I love to cook and have a segment on my website taken directly from my weekly nutritional plan called, “Prep Once, Lose All Week”. I prepare my meals on Sunday and eat a variety of meals throughout the week that keep me interested and satisfied. Life is such a wonderful gift, I would never want to give up the joy and creativity in food preparation to worry about my weight.

Are there any KEY diet or training tips that you adhere to and would recommend to my readers?

Christine Bullock: Yes, there are a few health principles I believe will add years to your life and help you attain your fitness goals:

#1 Find a form or forms of fitness you enjoy. Get out there every day and move you body in one way or another.

#2 Add private apparatus Pilates training to your weekly workout. I have never found a form of fitness, when instructed properly, to help me achieve my goals more effectively. In my 30’s I have more strength, flexibility, balance and a higher metabolism than at any other age and when compared to any other form of fitness in my past.

#3 Plan you meals ahead of time. Nothing like grabbing something quick on the run, made with trans fats, sugars, and chemicals to totally erase all the hard work you just put in at the gym. Come home to fresh chopped vegetables you can dip in your homemade dressing, pre-prepared proteins that can be re-heated with a delicious vegetable or legume topping like caponata or hummus, or a fresh fruit popsicle for dessert.

#4 Remember food is your largest supplement providing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that keep the body looking and feeling youthful.

#5 Make it a lifestyle choice. Don’t worry about your hips or biceps. If you look at the larger picture, like all the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of a wise lifestyle you begin to create more positive daily habits that lead to your tiny waist line and big bulky biceps. I like to compare it to something my mother once told me about looking at our lives to closely. It is like looking at a Monet painting. If you look too close, all you see are small dots of paint. If you take a step back, all the small dots connect to a beautiful painting. Your lifestyle affects your family, your children, your friends, and even strangers along the way. Take a step back and see the beauty of it all.

What’s a day-in-the-life for Christine Bullock like? Give us a run-down of how you eat, train and move on a regular day.

Christine Bullock: Wake up at 5 am.

Double espresso from my Nespresso.

Protein shake or toast with almond butter and jelly.

I need energy to get through six or seven hours of teaching.

My clients start at 6:30 to 7 am every morning.

I try to warm up my body with a 30 minute workout.

Once my clients are done or amid my appointments I do my full workout.

Each day is a different workout: Mondays-Pilates, Tuesday-Ballet, Wednesday-weights and HIIT, Thursday-Pilates, Friday-Weights, Saturday-Paddleboarding, Sunday-yoga. I take a day or two off in there when I need it.

I typically eat a small salad or protein bar for lunch. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you are constantly active, it’s hard to down a large meal.

If I’m not instructing I have a day photo shoot, video filming, or hosting segment to film, I get home and finish preparing my dinner, from whatever I have planned and prepped from earlier in the week. It takes me 20 minutes at the most to cook a fresh meal, like any of the examples on my website. My husband and I sit down, eat and relax. Sometimes we will walk the dogs or go for a bike ride to de-stress.

I answer emails somewhere in between.

I love a cup of passion berry tea before bed, which is known for its benefits at reducing stress and encouraging sleep.

I try and get 7-8 hours of beauty sleep and I am up for another day!

What’s next on the horizon for Christine Bullock?

Christine Bullock: Honestly, I don’t know. I live my life one day at a time and the path that I am supposed to take usually unfolds naturally. My husband and I will be looking to have children eventually. I’m excited to make fitness videos for mommy’s in each trimester of my pregnancy and after pregnancy. I do know you will continue to find me on the beach, in the water, on the dance floor and in the air (on the Pilates equipment) for the rest of my life.

Thanks for your time Christine, is there anything you’d like to add?

Christine Bullock: Thank you!

If you’d like to get in touch with Christine Bullock, checkout her site and social pages:


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