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Bulking on a budget

By June 5, 2013January 13th, 2017No Comments

We all know how tricky burning the fat can be, but what people often forget is the hill on the other side – turning all that hard work into muscle. Maybe you are in the situation where you’re looking for a diet to help you pile on the muscle. There are plenty of diets around, but they’re pretty costly, right? It would be nice to have the luxury of eating pounds and pounds of organic chicken every day, but with bills to pay it simply is not practical. Well it doesn’t have to be like that. With a bit of savvy thinking and careful planning you won’t be getting ripped off, you’ll be getting ripped.

#1 Eggs are your friend

There isn’t a better source of straight-up protein than eggs. A pack of 18 shouldn’t set you back too much, and cracking a few into an omelette is a great way to start the day. Don’t be afraid to use a couple of yolks either.

#2 Coconut oil

Building muscle is not about eating a lot, it’s about eating the right foods. Make sure you are getting enough of the right sort of fats into your diet and staying away from the trans saturated and hydrogenated fats. These kind of fats are great for hormone production that helps with muscle growth and can be found in coconut oil. And remember – a lot of essential vitamins and minerals are fat soluble only.

Diets with less than 15-25% fat are likely to leave you hungry, unsatisfied and actually more likely to overeat in the long run. If you are finding your meals dry and limp, adding coconut oil is a healthy way to liven up your food and add a nice bit of flavour.

#3 Whey protein

As well as eating food on a budget, there are plenty of affordable nutritional supplements that are great for setting you on the path to bulking up. With a good training program and a proper diet, many expensive supplements simply won’t add enough to make it worth the cost. By sticking with core, cheaper supplements such as whey protein and creatine, you will have a solid, reliable addition to your diet.

#4 Butter those peanuts

Peanuts are a great source of healthy fat, but don’t forget peanut butter as a healthy and convenient way of getting them into your system.

Ideally, peanut butter should contain just one ingredient – peanuts. However, don’t be afraid of brands with a little peanut oil added, or salt. But as with most foods, steer clear of added sugar and chase down natural products to really make the most of the polyunsaturated oil. A couple of pounds a jar will go a long way, and can be added to anything from toast and bagels to your morning bowl of porridge. Oh, and speaking of porridge…

#5 Protein oats are just right

The age-old tried and tested bowl of oats and milk is a cheap, reliable meal to get you going at any time of the day. Their low glycemic index makes oats a slow-burning carbohydrate and an ideal pre-workout meal to get the body working. A big bag of decent oats can be very affordable, and makes for a perfect bodybuilding breakfast if coupled with superfoods like almonds, flax seed and hazelnuts.

Over to you…

What do you use when trying to gain muscle on a budget? Any tips you wish to share? Comment below.

Clint Nielsen

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