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Body by Jake Tower 200 — If you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym!

You heard it people, this crazy-ass piece of equipment will have you looking as shredded and toned as the guys in this video in just 11 minutes day!

Here’s the marketing spiel for the Body by Jake Tower 200

‘In just 11 minutes a day you’ll get bigger, harder and stronger, guaranteed. In seconds the Tower 200 fits on any door in the house or office or dorm. Plus, it’s padded so there’s no messing up your door.’

How much is the Body by Jake Tower 200?

$174.65 USD (inc shipping & handling) give or a take a few cents? (what the f*ck is with the pricing?)

Who’s endorsing it?

Body by Jake and Randy Couture.

“You wanna train like I do? Get the Tower 200!”

Yeah right Randy. I’ll believe that when monkeys fly out of my proverbial and dance for me.’

Who’s Randy Couture?

Besides being in that photo up the top there and having the most awesome cauliflower ears known to man, Randy Couture is a name that many people know instantly as being one of the greatest mixed martial artists to ever compete in the MMA. I think that’s what makes this device so compelling to the average joe.

“Dang! there is an MMA champion promoting this sh*t! Where do I sign on the dotted liiiine?!”

Because Cletus the slack-jawed-yokel is in the market for a new exercise gimmick.

Once again however, the verdict is mixed within the community of reviewers…

Written by Susie, on 07-05-2010 18:50

I bought a Body by Jake Tower 200 for my fiance after rave reviews from the store salesman. I followed the instructions word for word and had it up on our standard bedroom door in 30 minutes. I tried the 11 minute workout that comes with it and it is an awesome workout. Can’t wait to try the other workouts! No snapping bands for us yet!

Then there’s this one…

Written by John, on 31-03-2010 06:54

Yea right you got a door you got a gym… Well i bought this thing hung it on my solid door and wham bam thank u man the darn thing snapped the door right off the hinges shooting wood and door frame everywhere. I was hit in the head with wood and metal.. needless to say i was disapointed. I didn’t give up i placed it on my bedroom door, started to use it and the handle broke loose causing me to punch myself in the face… i had enough back to kmart with this…..

Note: I can’t remember where i pulled these quotes from, but they were from a review site which was un-biased. I promise i didn’t make it up. Honest.

Ok, so the reviews are mixed — why is the Body by Jake Tower 200 a gimmick?

Like most ‘train at home and never worry about the gym again’ fitness devices, it falls short with providing what the advertisement ultimately promises.

11 minutes a day on this contraption is hardly going to give you the body of Randy Corture or a Greek adonis (as shown by the talent within the advert itself).

It’ll probably give you a case of ‘broken door syndrome’ and a ‘rubber-band complex’ and that’s about it.

My FINAL problem (I promise) with it is that it appears fragile and touts itself as being a complete solution which ultimately it isn’t. You won’t want to give away your gym membership any time soon.

The one PRO that I can see with this device, is that it encourages exercise. That ALONE gives it a partial ‘thumbs up’.

Oh, and you get to tell ALL your friends that you pull things with rubber in your bedroom.

That alone is worth the price-tag.

But maybe people realise this already?

Maybe it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I should quit the gym, forget everything I know about training and buy one of these mofos.

Editor’s Note: What do you guys think of the Body by Jake Tower 200? Good or bad, you tell me. Comment below.

Clint Nielsen

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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Join the discussion 13 Comments

  • harley says:

    I’m disappointed to think a LEGEND like Randy “the natural” Couture would put his name to something as rubbish as this

    • Clint Nielsen says:

      I’m hearing you mate — it feels like we have lost an inspiration. If Sly starts promoting the Power-Band, I might be brought to tears.

  • That’s a shame that Couture is putting his name and picture on that product. Anyone who has seen his grueling workouts knows he doesn’t get into shape form using any one gadget. I’m not qualified to give an accurate review since I haven’t used it, but my experience has been that any exercise equipment you can buy for 3 easy payments on a TV commercial is usually junk.

  • My first thoughts “this a crap” and then I thought about it a bit and came up “its still crap” … marketing companies just love us suckers!
    Can’t blame Randy ( too much) if a sponsor turned up on my doorstep offered me money to promote a contraption that probably does something maybe for a total beginner or a young teen ..I’d sign up too!

  • LOL…what a joke! Poor guy must be desperate to cash in on his fame while he still can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure working out with bands is great for beginner’s, those rehabbing injuries, etc. But c’mon…do people really think Randy Couture and the other fitness models built thieir physiques with this thing? Sad.

  • Aaron says:

    What do you expect when a company invests millions of dollars on TV ad space and a high priced spokesperson? They have to charge a ridiculously high price for a product that was probably manufactured in China for less than $10, AND of course they need to make outrageous claims for people to whip out their credit cards. The sad thing is Spri sells a doorway attachment for under $2. Add to that a set of bands in all resistance levels and you’ve got the same thing, only much better since it’s portable, for a fraction of the price.

  • zerodtkjoe says:

    Thanks for the info

  • kambo george says:

    I’ve had my tower 200 for more than 3 years, and I use it after my normal gym work out to give me that extra burn. I am happy to say it hasn’t failed me yet. No snapping bands or broken doors. The only thing I have notice is the red band has seen better days but that’s comes with normal use I suppose.

  • Mike says:

    I have the Tower 200 and it is not a gimmick.
    A little background. I am 45 years old, 6′ 1″ 200 lbs. I was a smoker and frequent drinker with no exercise for the past ten plus years.
    I used to do construction, weight lift (not a body builder) and martial arts twenty years ago. So I am not a novice to exercise/workouts.
    I decided to quit smoking and drinking and have been doing the 11 minute workout 3 days a week with proper form, breathing and intensity (without lose of form). I also use two 25 lbs dumbbells for shoulder presses and curls plus push ups until failure (four sets, as my final exercise).
    I am sore the next day after each workout, and have changed my body for the better, more defined. Actually I am probably a little bigger than I wanted as I really wanted to become more defined due to fat loss. I believe due to my past I have a while to go.
    I believe most people who are doing this are probably not doing it correctly. I never let the motion of a lunge dictate my arm movement, I follow through with the arm movement after the lunge or squat is complete.
    The 11 minute workout for a beginner or an individual who wants to get back into working out is great. You don’t have to spend the time going to the gym, working out for long periods of time etc, and it is a full body workout.
    I would say give it a try, do it properly and forget what all the “experts” say.

  • Kelsey says:

    My husband and I have had it for several years and it’s worked out great! We are no where near body builder status and never tried to be , but this definitely gives you a good work out and tones your body. It’s great for sneaking a workout in when the kids are asleep. Never ruined any of our doors it snapped.

  • mikel says:

    Funny how the negative comments are mostly from people who don’t own one or even tried one. I have had mine for 4 years and no problems with it or the door yet. Could it be the guy who broke his door lives in a trailer park?
    Anything that encourages a person to be healthier in any form is good. It’s is not developed to turn yourself in the Hulk, but it will wear your ass out if you stay on it long enough no matter who you are. Workout or exercise is not defined as one single thing, but comes in many forms. This may not be for everyone but great for others. I don’t understand people who offer an opinion on anything who have no experience with it.

  • Matt says:

    I use it for certain exercises and it works amazingly well.

    Those criticizing it as a gimmick are probably just people desperate to sell their own gimmicks.

    I took a look at the author’s web page and sure enough the guy is trying to sell his own gimmicks.

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