Why am I doing this?

My Name is Clint and I reside in Sydney, Australia. Ive been living and breathing fitness and training for over 13 years. It felt the right time to impart some of my experience. I’ve absorbed a fair amount of knowledge and have built myself from an over-weight, self-conscious twenty something, into the person I am today. This site is an on-going informational resource which is experience based and aims to continually debunk some of the myths that are always floating around.

How I began

Back in 2001, I received a comment down at the pub from some mates of mine as I was scoring a game of Darts. ‘Hey Clint, nice man-boobs’.

That’s all it took

You forget how far you can let yourself slide when you’re a teenager. Going out four times a week, even on ‘school nights’, I was hammering my system with alcohol and poor food choices.’ There is a phase that you go through where no matter what you eat or drink, you don’t seem to get fat. Suddenly, your metabolism slows down and your body goes ‘hang on a minute’. It ‘s this realisation, which potentially saved my life. Its your body’s way of telling you that you are punishing it and that you need to stop. I began training like a mofo and shedding all the fat from my body (which took a LONG time as I didn’t really know what I was doing).

Fast Forward to today

I am now constantly floating under 10% body fat year round and feel happy and strong all of the time. What you learn as you get more and more experienced is that you can do things in a more efficient manner as time goes on. If only I knew then what I do now, I could have spent half the time in the gym for the same if not better results.

Why listen to me?

Ive been training and trialing hundreds of methods and found that most of them will help you reach your goals in a ‘round-about’ kind of way. I’ve learnt the hard way, so now im ready to share my knowledge with anyone who’ll listen.

Do I have proof to back it up?

Hopefully, my progress pictures and methods will show you that I practise what I preach. I wanted to show you the REAL DEAL. I’m no fitness model or greek Adonis, but I think you’ll find that there is definitely a happy medium, and I aim to prove this on a regular basis.

Clint’s contact Information

Email: clint@revealthesteel.com
Instagram: instagram.com/clintstagramz
Twitter: twitter.com/crudefitness
Facebook: facebook.com/revealthesteel