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Before I continue with the 2 Tickets To The Gun Show review…

2 tickets to the gun show review

The book itself is written by Dan Trink (CSCS) who’s the Director of Personal Training at one of America’s top 10 gyms as chosen by Men’s Health, proud holder of too-many-certifications-too-mention and writer for too-many-magazines-too-count. His arms are also ridiculously massive.

My friend Jonathan Goodman (from PTDC) had a lot to do with the launch of this e-book. He also put my eyes in front of it for the first time.

Why does that matter?

Jon’s a well respected man in the Personal Training community. His site is kick-ass and he rubs shoulders with the globe’s finest on a regular basis. When an email arrives in my inbox with a recommendation from him, I usually jump at the chance to check it out.

Even more importantly…

Jon was a test-dummy for the program itself. Just take a look at what he has to say about it:

My previous measurements on my left and right arms were 11.1″ and 11.3”. My current measurements are 12.9″ and 13.1″. That’s a combined gain of 3.1″ in 4 weeks on both of my arms… Best gains I’ve ever gotten in a short program!

Pretty serious results especially from someone with years of training experience who is well past any chance of ‘Newbie Gains’.

First, the content listing

The book comes in 2 parts:

1) The book itself (13 Pages)

This contains information on Volume, Variety, Metabolic Distress Time Under Tension and Dan’s Supercompensation Slingshot™. Dan also talks about Rest, Tempo and describes the exercise structures and formats that you will need to add some serious size to your guns in a seemingly short time frame.

2) The training program (Excel spreadsheet with 5 Pages)

This well-formatted spreadsheet is detailed enough for anyone to print-out and take with them to the gym, or enter the workouts straight into an application on their phone (such as Fitocracy). Everything from sets, reps, tempo and rests (per exercise) are detailed for the entire 4 weeks that you’ll be using this program for.

A quick overview of 2 Tickets To The Gun Show

Dan Trink

Dan Trink and his seriously ‘huge’ guns…

First Impressions

As with most fitness products, I take them with a grain of salt when they ‘promise the world’. But what I liked about 2 Tickets To The Gun Show was, that it was short, to the point and didn’t require anything ‘fancy’ to get the job done. The exercises are well thought out, the tempos are heavily researched and it all comes in a detailed, yet easy to follow package that anyone could sink their teeth into at the drop of a hat.

Sure, it’s a short read. But it’s also only $14.99 (for this week only), going up $27.99 afterwards (which is still great value in my honest opinion).

That’s only 54 cents per day for bigger arms. Sounds like a bargain to me.

Like to know more?

Vist the official site

Does 2 Tickets To The Gun Show work?

At the time of writing, I am yet to trial the program myself. But if Jonathan Goodman’s results are anything to go by, I’d say it’s a no-brainer.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to give it a go (starting next week) to see if I can impress Rog Law when he arrives in Sydney on the 14th Feb!

Who would benefit from the program?

  • Those with good arms already who are looking to take them to the next level
  • Anyone who’s been stuck in a plateau for a while and can’t seem to get their arms to grow
  • Mid-level to advanced lifters
  • Both men and women

Now for the down-sides…

The program is ‘hardcore’ — if you are new to lifting, this may not be for you.

In Summary

In the end, would I recommend 2 Tickets To The Gun Show as a program for adding serious arm girth? I certainly would. Dan know’s what he’s talking about (just check out some of the testimonials on his sales page). Give it a shot (he also offers a 60 day money back guarantee).


Vist the official site

RATING8/10Interested in the book? Click here
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