Visual Impact Phase 3

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As you may have read previously, I’m currently the test dummy for Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact program.
I don’t adhere to fads nor gimmicks (how’d you guess that?) so i was skeptical at first, but then I got to know Rusty and his style of teaching over at

As I leafed through the program, I came to realise that the guy just might know what he’s talking about.

Visual Impact Phase 3

Sorry for the whole ‘shirtless’ thing, but i thought it time to show some actual results :)

How far am I into the program

I’m 5.5 months into a 6 month program and at the end of Visual Impact Phase 3.

What I’ve learned in this Phase
I’m a LOT more energetic. I can sprint for longer during my HIIT sessions and due to the rep counts being in the 4 rep range, I have a lot of extra energy to spare at the end.

What I’ve gained

My strength gains have hit a bit of a wall at the END of this phase which is ok as I’m in a caloric deficit right now and shedding a few layers of tummy fat. You wouldn’t expect to gain any strength/size at this time, but it’s all about ‘maintenance’. I don’t appear to have lost any muscle!

What I’ve lost

I’ve been eating at just below maintenance level of calories on MOST days of the week (except for sundays where I’ll normally pig out on anything that comes my way). I’m also intermittently fasting every wednesday. This has become quite easy to do these days and I would HIGHLY recommend it as a must-have fat burning tool. More on Eat-Stop-Eat can be found here, whilst a great myth busting article on fasting (no you won’t lose your muscle) can be found here.

Special note

Results have been a lot more visible in this stage. When I first wake up and flex my abodominals, all six of the little blighters are there (something I haven’t been able to see for a long, long time). I’m not sure how long this will last, as the Christmas period is almost upon us and I do enjoy a drink or two!

What’s next

I’m off to Port Douglas for a mini-break, then I’ll probably take a week off training to reset. The ‘bonus’ phase of the program where you shrink-wrap all of your hard-earned muscle is what I’ll be completing next. After that is all said and done, I’ll sheepishly attempt to post some more pictures.

Be gentle.

AUTHOR - Clint Nielsen

Clint is a dad and husband trying to stay in shape. He's also a highly opinionated fitness enthusiast and author of Reveal The Steel. Follow him on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

  • Cassie

    Looking good Clint!

  • Reinaldo

    Looking amazing, dude! I really wanna see the results of the bonus phase.

    • Clint Nielsen

      Thanks! Lets see if I can actually go through with the bonus phase so close to Xmas. Will be tricky ;)

  • Raymond

    Cool looks like you are hitting the lean muscular look which I think is the intent of the program.
    Bonus phase should be good that’s where you will explode & tighten up… but 80kg presses are amazing that’s a lot of weight.
    Is that Port Douglas in Qld Australia? In that case I’m not that far away!
    Oh yes next video could you have a bit more light it was hard to see on my Mac anyway.

    • Clint Nielsen

      Definitely the look im going for!
      Port Douglas QLD yes! Be up there for 4 nights. Heading in a couple of hours.
      Yes, the video lighting is a bit crap for sure. After the bonus phase, ill try and get it a little better.

  • H.G.

    Could I know which is your BF?


    • Clint Nielsen

      I haven’t had a skin-fold test or anything, but probably round the 9-10% range right now.

  • Clint Nielsen

    Why thank you ;)

  • Alykhan – Fitness Breakout


    Looks like VI is working well for you. I think you’ll enjoy the bonus phase. The bonus phase is the true genius of the program, in my opinion.


  • Bryan Pope

    Nice man, seems like this program is turning out to be dynamite. Piggybacking off of H.G.’s question. Do you know what your BF was before you started this program? Keep up the awesome work.

    • Clint Nielsen

      Thanks Bryan.
      I think i was around 15-16% when I got back from Europe.
      A bit soft around the waistline from all that Parisian butter :)

  • Clint Nielsen

    I’ve actually added a week to Phase III.
    Looking forward to the bonus phase next week!

  • Alejandro “The Fittest Vegan”

    I rocked the bonus face.. because of the strength gains from the previous few months when I got to that level, I pumped so much more muscle than I had in years.

    You’ll definately like it.. the results are showing!

    • Clint Nielsen

      I’m a few days into the ‘Bonus Phase’.
      I’d forgotten how hardcore the workouts in this particular phase are!