The best training program in the world

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Here it is folks – The best training program in the world

I’ve fricken found it guys, and you won’t believe you eyes as to what it involves. Wait for it…

The best training program in the world is, the one you aren’t currently doing.
Might sound dumb, might sound a little bit simple, it won’t sell books or supplements, but it’s the honest to god truth.

I see it on the internets and even in the real world, you know, outside where the birds and the trees are. People searching endlessly for the ‘holy grail’ of training routines.

“Where’s the program that will make me look like a fitness model, sport start, hollywood actor and so on?”

You’ll never find it

Hold on a minute – Then how do the best of the best achieve their amazing bodies? Well if they aren’t on the gear, then they’re changing their programs often and MOST IMPORTANTLY, pay attention to what they eat 100% of the time. Sure, you may think you eat pretty well – but I’m willing to guess that you COULD be eating better.

Hey, I’m in the same boat

Sure, I eat well most of the time, and fast 5-6 days a week – but there’s always room for at least 10% improvement (maybe even more). If you want to look like the ‘elite’, you need to ‘eat’ like the elite. Whether it’s daily fasting, or limiting your meal frequency, you need to be paying attention to what’s going in your pie-hole.

“Abs are made in the kitchen”– written by some smart person

Pain in the arse right?

Sure it is, but then again, models and actors are in PEAK condition when they’re being shot. They only need to look amazing for a small amount of time which makes it achievableThey’ll deplete salt from their diet to rid themselves of water beneath the skin, get a spray tan, pump themselves with a few sets of pushups RIGHT before the photographer releases the shutter (under some strategically positioned downlighting mind you).

This brief moment in time is captured forever – leaving you to stumble across it and think to yourself “Why can’t I look like that?”

But I digress…

Where was I? Oh that’s right – the best training program in the world. Nutrition aside, you’re better off changing your routine up every 8 weeks or so just to give yourself a fresh outlook on your training. Sure, there are proven methods of strength and muscle gain that work, but doing the same exercises time and time again won’t motivate you to train come week 52 when you’ve hit that god-awful plateau.

What I do to prevent training boredom

Currently, I’m cycling Visual Impact with Reverse Pyramid Training for the next 3 months to make sure I’m in top shape for my wedding and the honeymoon to follow. This means, I’m doing a reduced phase approach where I’ll do each of the Visual Impact phases for 1 month instead of 2. Then I’ll go back to some serious RPT right before it’s ready to put on a monkey suit.

But I change my program constantly!

If you’ve been training for a few years now, and you aren’t ‘on the juice’, you MAY have hit your genetic peak. John Barban did a great video on this which summarises it nicely. One of the key outtakes from it was that you WILL eventually stop putting on more muscle. If you could keep building muscle, then the guys that have been in the gym for 5 years would be bigger than the ones who’ve only been training for 2 years right? How come you see the same people in your gym for years and they don’t change ‘that much’? (shitty training and diet aside of course :)). Check out the video below…

You might be f*cking around in the gym

Martin Berkhan posted on this the other day and a lot of it sure rings true. People get too caught up in complex programs and advanced movements. Keep it simple, do the big lifts and give yourself time to recover.

In summary…

  • The best training program in the world is the one you aren’t currently doing – if it’s been months since you’ve changed your strategy, think about doing so NOW.
  • Fitness models and actors look amaze-balls due to some serious assistance, but their diets play the biggest part in their success.
  • If you’ve stopped gaining strength or muscle after years and years of training, you may have hit your genetic peak (see above video).
  • Don’t over analyse what you’re doing in the gym. Keep it simple and avoid ‘Fuckarounditis’.
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