#10 – Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock – “Launchpad”

Bronze (Strength) Bronze (Muscle Building)

Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock
In this program, acclaimed bodyweight coaches Adam and Ryan show you exactly why ‘weight loss’ programs can only leave you frustrated with a smaller version of the same flabby body.
6 days of workouts, diet secrets, myth busting and lifestyle tips – all for FREE.

Link to the course > Launchpad
Other related courses > Shape Shifter

#9 – Brad Pilon – “The Zen of Nutrition”

Silver (Diet)

Brad PilonBrad is the well-known author of Eat Stop Eat.
Eat Stop Eat is the result of the Graduate Research he did at the University of Guelph, in Guelph Ontario, Canada.
In his FREE report, he exposes the myths in the fitness industry surrounding weight loss.

Link to the course > The Zen of Nutrition
Other related courses > Eat Stop Eat and Anabolic Again and The Truth About Protein

#8 – Martin Berkhan – “Lean Gains”

Silver (Strength) Silver (Muscle Building) Bronze (Diet)

Martin BerkhanMartin is a controversial yet increasingly popular advocate for intermittent fasting. His methods are grounded in science & research, yet also rely heavily on his solid results-driven experience.

Link to the course > The Lean Gains Guide

#7 – Fitjerk – “Headstart Fitness Report”

Fit JerkGrab Fitjerk’s FREE fitness report and get shredded (apparently).
The report includes a 3 week fat loss routine, a section on a power food that burns fat, 3 keys to maximum muscle gains swell as a pre-workout booster recipe.

Link to the course > Headstart Fitness Report
Other related courses > Personal Body Blueprint

#6 – Mark Sisson – “Primal Blueprint Fitness”

Gold (Diet)

Mark SissonIn Mark’s FREE 92-page booklet, he offers a free Fitness eBook, a Free 7-Day Course on Primal Fundamentals, Free Recipe eBooks swell as his free weekly newsletter.

Link to the course > Primal Blueprint Fitness
Other related courses > The Primal Body Blue Print

#5 – Leigh Peele – “Body Fat Percentage”

Bronze (Fat Loss) Silver (Women's Fitness)

Leigh PeeleLeigh’s ebook is a complete guide to body fat evaluation and measurement. Definitely worth a look.

Link to the course > Body Fat Percentage
Other related courses > The Fat-loss troubleshoot

#4 – John Barban – “The Theory of Ideal Body Proportions”

John BarbanJohn is somewhat of a fitness legend. He offers a no-bullsh*t approach to his training and methods.
This 127 manual teaches you the back story and theory (including all scientific references) of his main baby, “The Adonis Index”.

Link to the course: The Theory of Ideal Body Proportions
Other related courses: Adonis Index Workout

#3 – Jackie Burgmann – “Six Pack Sins (Report)”

Bronze (Overall Winner) Silver (Fat Loss) Gold (Women's Fitness)

Jackie BurgmannJackie offers a Transformation Solution for People Who Hate They Gym.
She details the fatal mistakes she was making that were preventing her from seeing her abs.

Link to the course > Six Pack Sins (Report)
Other related courses > Hot At Home

#2 – Dave Durell – “5 Ways to Smash Through Training Plateaus”

Silver (Overall Winner) Gold (Strength) Gold (Muscle Building)

Dave DurellDave tells you how to pile on new muscle and get ‘freaky strong’.
“In the mid 1990′s I became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and began utilizing exercise to help people recover from injuries and debilitating medical conditions. During this time Patty and I formed our personal training company, Sports and Fitness Training Systems LLC…”

Link to the course > 5 Ways to Smash Through Training Plateaus
Other related courses > High Intensity Muscle Building

#1 – Rusty Moore – “Abs Blueprint”

Gold (Overall Winner) Gold (Fat Loss)

Rusty Moore
Rusty, from Fitness Blackbook, explains how to achieve the best abs ever in his FREE report.
He details a secret that he learnt some 20 years ago from a golf pro that changed his perspective on how to achieve ultra-sharp abdominals.

Link to the course > Abs Blue Print
Other related courses > Visual Impact Muscle Building and Visual Impact for Women

The recap on finalists and category winners

Overall Winners

Gold: Rusty Moore – “Abs Blue Print”
Silver: Dave Durell – “5 Ways to Smash Through Training Plateaus”
Bronze: Jackie Burgmann – “Six Pack Sins (Report)”

Category: Fat Loss

Gold: Rusty Moore – “Abs Blue Print”
Silver: Jackie Burgmann – “Six Pack Sins (Report)”
Bronze: Leigh Peele – “Body Fat Percentage”

Category: Strength

Gold: Dave Durell – “5 Ways to Smash Through Training Plateaus”
Silver: Martin Berkhan – “Lean Gains”
Bronze: Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock – “Body Weight Coach”

Category: Muscle Building

Gold: Dave Durell – “5 Ways to Smash Through Training Plateaus”
Silver: Martin Berkhan – “Lean Gains”
Bronze: Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock – “Body Weight Coach”

Category: Diet

Gold: Mark Sisson – “Primal Blueprint Fitness”
Silver: Brad Pilon – “The Zen of Nutrition”
Bronze: Martin Berkhan – “Lean Gains”

Category: Women’s Fitness

Gold: Jackie Burgmann – “Six Pack Sins (Report)”
Silver: Leigh Peele – “Body Fat Percentage”
Bronze: Nia Shanks – “Beautiful badass mini course”

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