May 1, 2012

How I prepared for my photo shoot

(All photography by Kane Vato Photography UPDATE! (3rd July, 2012) Reveal The Steel has been released. The entire 14-page 'photo shoot' ready detail can be read in it's entirety…
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Guest Posts
April 3, 2012

5 reasons you won’t be seeing your six-pack abs any time soon

Today's guest-post is by Keith Lai of Fit Mole Today he gives you 5 'tough-love' reasons as to why you may not be seeing you six-pack abs any time soon…
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March 21, 2012

An interview with JC Deen, the master of non-BS training and dieting advice

JC Deen has been nice enough to stop by and answer a few questions. JC runs the popular fitness website where his unique points of view on all things…
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March 13, 2012

Gluten free food – is it a supermarket gimmick?

Something landed on the front page of today which raised one, two or even three of my eyebrows I'll admit, it was between laughing at a Chris Brown video…
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March 12, 2012

Visual Impact Cardio review – Mastering the skill of losing body fat

Visual Impact Cardio - A “Progressive Cardio System” that Leads to Steady Fat Loss With Minimal Sticking Points. I'm a huge fan of Rusty Moore's programs and whatever he produces.…
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March 7, 2012

The 50 Best Free Health & Fitness Courses on the Web (Winners announced!)

It took a while to sift through all of the votes that came through It was surprising to see those that I thought would do really well, in fact didn't…
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March 6, 2012

An interview with international fitness model Emily Skye

Today I've been lucky enough to sit down and talk with one of Australia's most inspiring fitness models - Miss Emily Skye Emily's an internatonal Australian fashion, beauty, fitness and…
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March 1, 2012

Chocolate mug cake recipe (guilt free 5 minute version)

A guilt-free, 5 minute chocolate mug cake recipe? IMPOSSIBLE I hear you say. This bad-boy came about from a VERY dangerous recipe that my wife picked up whilst at a…
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February 27, 2012

Update: The 50 Best Free Health & Fitness Courses on the Web

With only a few days to go now, the votes have been coming in thick and fast... Rusty Moore is WAY in the lead with a huge online following, followed…
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February 20, 2012

An Interview with Pia “Slinkii” Muehlenbeck

Today, I've been lucky enough to delve inside the mind of Pia Muehlenbeck Pia's a model, fitness advocate, author of "How to lose fat in 7 days" and the editor…
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